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Hashtagged: Leopard print bag

I had been planning to introduce this new series “What the Funk” for a while and so excited to share the first post here. What the funk is about all the quirky funky fashion and lifestyle accessories that I own and love to bits, so yes I feel they deserve to cross your eyes. Starting off, I am disclosing one of my favorite leopard print bags here. You would have a glimpse of how do I style this bag and where did I get it.

How did I get my hands on this leopard bag?

I received this bag as a birthday present from one of my loveliest friends Zoya. Tell you what; she has quite a taste for all the chic and cool stuff! So well, lucky me! Fashion savvy friends are a blessing right?

The brand?

This chic bag is from Victoria’s Secret. You must have already seen their leopard print tote collection which I find specially exquisite.


One thing I adore most is the silky feel of this tote. The satin material with golden handles makes it absolutely glamorous.  Its one of the fierce and bold pieces in my fashion collection as the striking gold color exudes a sense of luxury.  Plus, the gold logo plate straightaway draws attention *even if I don’t want it to, I am being modest right?*

I don’t flaunt it as a day to night tote because to be honest I carry a whole world inside my bag, for which this leopard bag is not enough. But, if you are a minimalist, you can choose one such bag as your daily handle. Nevertheless, I always opt to flaunt it to parties, or to casual dates with my bffs.

Hashtagged-leopard Print bag


I like pairing this bag with plain shirts because the print is quite gaudy for floral or printed outfits. Also, it is always smart to add a pop of chic if you are wearing a plain shirt, for which such printed bags should be your go. The leopard bag looks strikingly hot with this signature black button down shirt of mine creating an avatar fit for an evening meet up or dinner.

14341930_10153681883240807_1058968370_n 14383471_10153681883445807_523057465_n

So, what would you like to see in the next “What the funk” post? Because I have many options which leaves me indecisive here! Leave your comments below!





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