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When it comes to home decor, I am more into amping up my space with craft items than flowers or vases.  I am not a crazy craft collector but if something appears thoroughly ethnic and gorgeous, I prefer scoring it right away! Recently, an art exhibition held in exo centre Karachi aroused the craft admirer inside me and I ended up getting these beautiful handmade decorative pieces. Sharing all the details here so get inspired foran!

Decorative Mirror Matki


This is my top favorite ethnic item in the list. The mirror, banarsi fabric, and decorative rope work makes the matki absolutely ethnic and funky. You can place it on your coffee table, have it at the side table in your living room or brace your kitchen counter with it; your space will definitely jazz up!

Price: 400/Rs

Otaq Jhoola


My mom was certain that I won’t like it going back home and will brush it somewhere like any other trifling accessory. Guess what? I not only brightened up my lounge with it but also use it as blog photography prop. It has a unique ethnic appeal as it signifies the Sindhi Otaq culture fit as a decorative item for your own otaq or living room!

Price: 350/Rs only

Traditional Huqqa


And what made me buy this? The intricately done colored thread work and the desi appeal it adds to space! The finish and craftsmanship of this pieces is lustrous but it is a bit fragile so you might want to place it at the corner table or wall rack.

Price: 350/ Rs only

TruckArt Coaster


You must have seen these coasters at a number of online craft shops. I fell in love with the shiny metal base and a pop of colorful truck art design so grabbed it ASAP. The price is slightly higher given the material and craftsmanship but it’s definitely a delight especially for craft lovers. I have spiced up my work table with this beautiful tea coaster and it’s absolutely handy for a tea lover like me.

Price:450/ Rs

Funky Lamp (Laaltain)


Aha! It’s like an entire craft exhibition in itself. I got this beautiful lamp from Neco’s store craft section. This lamp actually lights up so you can place it as a side table lamp or put it beside your candle stand!

Price: 700/Rs

All these crafts remind me how super talented and creative our crafters are. You don’t even have to spend a fortune on them as they are available at very reasonable prices. Plus choosing them as home decor will not only add vigor to your living space but will also support the local crafters community.

Next I will be sharing how I have decorated my home with these crafts. Are you a crafts admirer? How about you share your collection and I add them here? Go on!







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