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This year is witnessing some really hot shoe trends, from tasseled straps, ethnic embroidery and cuts to beautiful lace work, the shoe trend has been right on point. Similarly, a gradually surfacing fad is the fringe sandals and the best thing about them is the swagger and swing they put in your steps! Fringe sandals are expected to become a hot fall trend soon, so you should be the first one to know all about them!

Source: Dezdemon

Fringe boots or sandals?

Well, Fringe boots are not really a new thing, only yesterday they were dazzling the ramps (70s remember?). There are numerous fringe boots variations like stiletto, sleek, or rather heavier ones but currently you can see fringes gracing sandals too. Personally I find boots too gaudy for my taste but if you are a western boohoo fan, fringe boot is your baby!

Generally the best fringe boots and sandals are made from suede and material other than patent leather. But, don’t get too much into style and let it all about the fringe instead of fabric.

The Pulse Boutique

Fringe sandals/boots look best with

  • Skinny pants or leggings
  • kurti (pair fringe flats)
  • Short dress or shirt

Some Hot Fringe designs and where to get them

A few local brands like Mochari and 3 footwear have some funky fringe sandals available-both classy fringe and tasseled.  As for boots and loafers, you might want to check Mango, Kaymu, and



3 Footwear

So what do you think about these sandals? Leave your response here!




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