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Brumano Men’s wear

Let’s be honest, whenever it comes to buying clothes for the significant men in our lives, the options are quite limited. There are only a few brands I head to; first because I admire their fabric quality and designs, and secondly because I do not see any substitutes as agreeable as them!

But recently Brumano got my attention to the point of going out my way and doing a review here. Brumano is the new contemporary online clothing brand in Pakistan that imports fabric from China, Turkey, and Italy to produce garments in house. From casual/formal shirts, jackets and sweatshirts to up to date accessories, the brand resonates a classy appeal for modern men. The brand has a unique persona for fashion and style fixated individuals, which speaks clearly in their collection. In a short span of time, Brumano has earned quite some liking amongst the customers as I see my colleagues and friends already talking about the brand.


I asked my friends Abdullah to try one of Brumano’s shirts for Hashtagged.  He, being already a fashion savvy and style obsessed person lent me an honest and thorough opinion. So, let’s have a look at how we found this brand.

The Shirt Under our Radar

Although I loved their denim collection, the required size was already out of stock! *a quick lesson here: ALWAYS be quick about getting what you love*. After browsing their website for a while, I drew up to this smart Red Houndstooth Shirt. It is made with a fine cotton fabric coupled with shallow collar, buttoned cuff placket & contrasting red buttons. Red Houndstooth is priced at PKR 3,400.


Branding and Packaging

A neatly packaged product speaks tons about the effort and love the brand puts into valuing their customer. I was pretty impressed by the sturdy and neat packaging as the shirt was professionally folded, and clipped. The fabric felt great and had that cozy texture as I pulled the shirt out. The black and gold colors of the brand reflect grace and mod at the same time.

Brumano-Branding and Packaging

Fabric Quality

Dress shirts are like workhorses of wardrobe that men wear every day. So, they are supposed to be really comfortable right? This shirt serves the purpose well with a soft, smooth and comfy fabric texture. The only off point is that the fabric is not as breathable as it should be for summers especially in Karachi.

Stitching and Tailoring finesse

A finely done stitching is something customers expect especially for a relatively higher price tag as this shirt comes with. Brumano wins in this area as the stitching is impeccable with fine tailoring and seams sewn absolutely neatly. The armhole also shows a clean finish on the inside with double needle stitch seams. I also observed that the collar and cuff interlinings are fused in one kind of stiffness which provides a quite structured look to the shirt. So, yes the overall tailoring is worth the price you pay!


Design and color edge

Red is a conscious, tricky color for most men unless they are audacious enough to pull it well. In this shirt, the subtle shade of red is blended smartly with contrasting checks. Besides, red is neither dominating nor too subdued so anyone can wear it comfortably well! As for the design, there is not much to speak as checks are ever green, and we know it well!

How To Get Brumano?

They don’t have any brick and mortar store as yet, but you can visit their e-store to place orders. Besides cash on delivery, they also have online banking mode of payment available all over Pakistan, which most of us find real handy! Currently, the brand has a sale up on their website so; you might want to check it!

Our final say!

Regardless of what they are dressing for, the key for a young, modern man is to have options, and Brumano is a snazzy addition to the existing men’s wear brands in Pakistan. Their collection is up to the minute which strikes with men’s urban lifestyle.  The brand is comparatively higher end but definitely worth the price for fine fabric, design, and seams. And for all the girls like me who are picky about getting the best for their men, Brumano is an absolutely convenient option! Darn, only if they made denim shirts for women also *still drooling over their denim designs*.

Okay, now I am looking forward to hearing from you! Let me know which clothing brands do your men head to, and why? Is Brumano going to be their next pick?

[This article is in collaboration with Brumano Men’s wear Pakistan]

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