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Are you looking to increase engagement, add a creative twist to your Instagram feed, and give users the chance to stay up-to-date on your brand story? Look no further than Story Highlights!

Using this feature of your Instagram Brand Account allows you to save stories from the past 24 hours in a permanent place for followers —and potential customers—to scroll through. Read on as we guide you through setting up and using Instagram Story Highlights on a brand account.

How to Use Instagram Story Highlights on a Brand Account

What is Instagram Story Highlights and Why Should Your Brand Use Them

Instagram Story Highlights are an exciting way to show off your brand’s most captivating content. Story Highlights allow you to turn your temporary video and photo stories into lasting features on your business profile, allowing anyone that visits your page to get an immediate sense of what you do and who you are in an easily digestible format. Using this platform can boost engagement from followers since it encourages interaction with the latest updates as well as content from the past that may have otherwise been lost in the shuffle. Showcase customer feedback, pictures from events, product visuals, or even clips from live streams to evoke interest in your brand – what could be easier?

How to Create an Instagram Story Highlight

Creating an Instagram Story Highlight for your brand is easy and provides a great way to showcase content that you want to keep accessible to followers. Everything starts with taking a picture or video as you normally would, then finding the highlight icon at the bottom of your story. Select this icon and customize your highlight by giving it a name and adding a unique cover image! Finally, choose between ‘Highlight on Your Profile’ or ‘Add To Story’ so that everyone can view your awesome content. Now you have an Instagram Story Highlight ready to give more visibility to the content that will help take your brand account to the next level!

Tips for Making Your Instagram Story Highlights More Effective

Instagram Story Highlights are an easy and effective way to display important stories on your Instagram account. With Instagram Story Highlights, you can showcase the most high-quality content that best represents your brand in an engaging way by ensuring that it stands out from what’s already on your Instagram profile. To make it even easier, try organizing your Instagram Story Highlights into categories that are relevant to you and your followers so they have an easier time finding what they are looking for. If you’re creative with using visuals and colors as well, it will be even more eye-catching and exciting for people who view it!

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Implementing Different Types of Content Into Your Instagram Story Highlights

Instagram Story Highlights allow businesses to showcase a curated selection of content from their Instagram profile, allowing you to create an impressive portfolio with minimal effort. From relevant custom covers to arranging highlights into specific categories, having them set up can instantly upgrade the aesthetic of your Instagram page. Different types of content such as product launches, tutorials, and customer stories can be used in Instagram Story Highlights to create an engaging visual representation of your brand’s story that will pique the interest of potential customers. With Instagram Story Highlights, you have the power to really make an impact on your Instagram page.

How to Promote Your Instagram Story Highlights for Maximum Exposure

Promoting Instagram Story Highlights for your brand can be a great way to drive engagement and get more eyes on your products or services. With Instagram Story Highlights, you can not only captivate users with unique content but also make searching for particular stories easier. It’s a great avenue to increase the visibility of your Instagram business profile since people will be able to see what is most important to your brand at a glance.

To ensure maximum exposure of your Instagram Story Highlights, make sure to create new and engaging stories regularly that catch the attention of viewers, post well-thought-out captions with extras like tags, emojis, and hashtags, ask followers to tag friends in the comments section, and consider using Instagram Ads for extra reach.

Analytics Tools to Track Engagement with Your Instagram Story Highlights

Instagram is an invaluable tool for brands, and Instagram Story Highlights can help you stand out from the competition. To get the most out of Instagram Highlights, using analytics tools to track engagement with your Instagram Stories is essential! With these insights, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions about your Instagram Stories content and determine what resonates best with your followers.

Easily understand when and where your followers are interacting with your Instagram Story Highlights, track impressions and reach with real-time reporting features, and measure overall performance to maximize engagement on Instagram. Your Instagram Stories will never look better!

To Sum Up!

To wrap up, there are a lot of opportunities to use Instagram Story Highlights in creative ways that can bring your brand’s story to life and help you engage with more followers than ever. Whether it’s creating a holistic story through content curation or highlighting customer stories, your brand can create a powerful impact with Instagram Story Highlights.

Plus, utilizing Instagram analytics tools can help you fine-tune your highlights to ensure the best reach possible. The possibilities for using Instagram Story Highlights are endless; all it takes is a little thought and creativity to really make them shine for your brand. So what are you waiting for? Get started today by creating an Instagram highlight that reflects your unique brand story!

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