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Hello, hello! Did you notice? My blog has a brand new look! Phew I worked so hard on this so I won’t mind a little pat on the back! Thank you!

I am putting this post up because (1). I was out of new blog post ideas, (2) I wanted to show off my beautiful Instagram page, which is currently in no way perfect but on its way to be! So I am sharing some of the best posts from my Instagram in terms of popularity and personal likeness! *can’t help but make things all about me*

Instagram Roundup


This shot is from the Eid decor I did last year. It’s quite easy and light on the pocket. You can read the complete details here!


Dad and I did a DIY project a while back so I made this motif from the leftover colored peanuts. I have not posted about that cool DIY yet, so it’s a personal reminder I should soon!


A sneak preview of my regular beauty arsenals! I am specially obsessed with these beauty brushes and wrote about them here recently.


Activated charcoal has been the rage for some time and I was glad this post helped my readers finding where to get it online. You can read the review here.


A giveaway post I did in collaboration with Beeflair candles! It has become my favorite go to brand because these scented candles are absolute yum and natural!


Half of my phone playlist is topped up with Taylor Swift’s songs so it was natural to have her in the shot for the “weekend playlist” post here.


Sometimes you spend your weekend roasting corns the whole day! It was one of those weekends for me!

That was a brief roundup of the best posts from my Instagram. You can follow me on insta @hashaggedofficial 

Happy Friday!

Hina Ilyas
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