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For a girl who visits salons for a handful of services, trying new salons and spas is quite impossible. I avail services regularly from selective places and don’t really want to test every other salon opening in the city. But, recently when Zayn Uppal invited me to visit her salon & spa, I was supposed to visit because she was adamant I’ll have a pleasant experience. Here is a quick review of the salon, the services I had and my experience with the staff.

First Things First: The Interior

On entering the salon, the first noticeable thing is a deluxe contemporary setup. The reception area is quite spacious done in the hues of violet and gold.  A comfortable couch bedecks the waiting area, and although there is no arrangement of bright light, the space still appears bright with twilight lighting.  I especially liked some of the modern floor decor items that add a dab of modern appeal to the ambiance. Also, the Thailand inspired facial and massage section is well put and gives you an exquisite feel. Quite a thought has gone into the decor and ambiance of Zayn Uppal’s salon.

Salon and Spa Services

You will find all the basic treatments and services but the recent highlight is Ayurveda which includes relaxation, and rejuvenation based treatments for beauty and wellness. You will like to avail it if you are looking for a relaxing spa session or a time off from busy day schedule.

My Treatment

I decided to have pedicure, acne facial and massage.

I was directed to the massage section which was quite a treat for its clean, spacious and comfortable ambiance. My service girl was super sweet * though I am embarrassed about not being able to recall her name, still taxing my mind*. She asked time and again if I was comfortable during the facial to ensure the best of treatment. While she gave me a super soothing massage, I kept contemplating on the Bamboo sticks  which seperate the massage sections from each other. Such decor made the ambiance appear more relaxing.

Next came pedicure! The section dedicated for the pedicure is equally well set and clean. The color contrasted seats made the space funky. As compared to massage and facial, the pedicure was quite average, but unlike a previous few times, the cuticle trimming was not painful, neither did I face any skin rashes. These are the two things which mostly make me grumpy about pedicures to the point of skipping it in the first place. The only thing missing here was a post pedicure foot massage which is complimentary at a few other salons.


The Price

Their prices are decently competitive with any other good salon & spa in the city. You can have a look at the price list below. Also, the deals are almost always open regardless of anyoccasionn, so check those too on Zayn Uppal’s Facebook page.

The Verdict

Facial and massage felt premium for a decent price tag but pedicure was just regular.  Staff friendliness, cozy ambiance, clean space, and aesthetics make a spa experience luxurious and Zayn Uppal had all those elements very much in harmony.








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Zayn Uppal's Salon
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