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Week Unwind

Right when I am writing this, it’s pouring here! Karachi is so unpredictable and that’s what we love about this city right? So, let’s just say this week ended quite pleasantly. But for me, it was already happening and pleasurable.

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Rain in Karachi

First because my baby sister Farah got engaged! *happy dance*. She chose a not so traditional royal blue color and pulled it off beautifully well. I wore a shocking pink silk gown with a net koti, and will share the complete details of this dress soon on blog. A lot of people believe Farah is my mirror image, what do you think?

me and farahme and my hand

Secondly, I had a chai date with my soul sisters Nida and Hira. Before we almost forgot each other’s faces, we decided it was high team to catch up. Although we are always in touch online but meeting in person becomes a bit challenges as everyone has a set routine. This week we fought all the odds and went straight to two eat outs-yeah out of super excitement!

Del Frio

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I also had a chance to attend the launch party of Pizza Hut big dipper. The launch of Big Dipper includes twenty-four scrumptious pizza slices along with four dips. One can have all four dips in one pizza which are Fiery Peri, Garlic and Mint, Creamy Ranch and Chipotle BBQ. I will do the review post next week. The biggest surprise for the attendees was an unexpected appearance of Janaan cast! So the event turned out pretty exciting for all the fans!



If you follow me on instagram, you must know how obsessed I am about metallic nail colors these days. I recently got this Very Me metallic nail color by oriflame which is not pure metallic but I am happy with how it turns out on nails.

Very Me Metallic Nail color

Well, for weekend, only Breaking Bad is on my todo list! I have the general tendency to watch three episodes in a row but I am breaking records with Breaking Bad. Consumed five episodes continuously last night, and not sure what I am going to do with it tonight-given its weekend!

And right now I am having these Besan and classic pancakes which my super dad made for us! Yes, rain makes us do wonders!

pancakesHow was your week? and what have you been upto? Have a wonderful weekend you all!



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