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There are countless Pizza places in town and everyone has their taste buds set to different flavors. For me, of all the places, Pizza hut holds a special fondness for their classic flavors and soft, gooey crust *I am not a thin crust fan*. Recently Pizza hut hosted a launch party for their new “Big Dipper Pizza” where bloggers and other media professionals were invited to celebrate the launch and try the new flavor. The attendees were taken aback by the surprise appearance of Janaan cast, so the party turned quite exciting and glamorous.

Pizza Hut Big dipper launch
Pizza Hut Big dipper launch
Pizza Hut Big dipper launch
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Pizza Hut Big dipper launch-Janaan Cast

I reached the event on time as usual, and right after 15 minutes, we were served the pizzas hot with the four dips. These are the several areas where I am reviewing Big dipper. Let’s do it!

The Review


The big dipper is about two foot long Pizza divided into 24 dipping strips which makes the eating experience fun and interactive. You can call it a big rectangular pan pizza or two medium pan pizzas placed inside a rectangular box. Depending how you look at it, the pizzas appeared scrumptious and quite sizable.

Pizza Hut Big dipper launch


The newly launched Big Dipper includes twenty four delicious slices with four dips. One can have all four dips in one pizza which are Fiery Peri, Garlic and Mint, Creamy Ranch and Chipotle BBQ.

We were served chicken supreme *the corn topping was a superstar for me*. You can choose any pizza flavor of your choice with the dips though. Each dipping had a substantially well balanced thickness and flavor. I tried three dips, so let’s have a look at each individually:

Fiery Peri: This is a spicy, yet creamy sauce which doesn’t dominate the taste of pizza itself. A perfect blend for spicy dip lovers.

Pizza Hut Big dipper launch-Fiery Peri

Creamy Ranch: I found this dip too tangy for my taste. But if you are a fan of a little more tangy sauce with your pizza, creamy ranch should be your pick.

Pizza Hut Big dipper launch-Creamy Ranch

Chipotle BBQ: This is the one I liked the most. The smoky sweet and salty flavor of the dip gives a very unique added flavor to the pizza.

Pizza Hut Big dipper launch-Chipotle BBQ

I also noticed that the Big dipper has a thick crust to counterbalance the saltiness of pepperoni and cheese. This generous amount of cheese and pepperoni also adds a nice crunch to the pizza. For a more exciting dipping, I would suggest you add red pepper flakes into your sauce-well of course only if you want to tickle your taste buds.


Big dipper is priced at Rs. 1,895 which is fairly well for the sizable quantity and unique four dippings. The newly launched Big Dipper is available at all Pizza Hut outlets across Pakistan for dine in, take away and home delivery.

So, here is the five point rating of all the areas.


Overall, Big dipper is some tasty stuff perfect to savor with your family and friends. The only issue for most of you might be extra thickness of the crust! It’s the kind of crust I like though! Try it and let me know how you find it!

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