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There must be instances when you wish to get your beauty routine magically met in a spur of a moment. Sometimes, our work schedules leave us too tired to carry out all the  important rituals like cleansing, toning, scrubbing and likewise. Out of all, the most tedious task for me is face cleansing and then waiting for the face mask to dry. So, to please my impatient soul, I keep looking for instant beauty and skincare solutions and I recently stumbled upon this self heating mask by the Korean brand PureDerm. Let’s see if I really found this skin solution easy and effective.

What is self heating?

The term self heating made me a bit overwhelmed and reluctant to use the mask. I had all the questions like what if my skin end up having rashes, or burns? But Self heating is synonymous to hot towel facial treatment. It is a process where a especially formulated mask heats up your face after coming in contact with water. In fact this heating effect helps penetrate your skin with the moisturizing formula. So yeah, you are good to try it! *For more sensitive skin, consult your dermatologist first*

What the product promises?

  1. Unclogs pores
  2. Deep cleans
  3. Moisturizes skin
  4. All in 60 seconds


A single packet of PureDerma contains three tear top sachets which makes the product easy to handle and store.

How to Apply?

  1. Wet face and dry hands
  2. Apply the mask all over face and gently massage for 60 seconds avoiding eye area and lips.
  3. The mask doesn’t dry, so rinse off your face thoroughly after a minute.

My Experience

I have a clear combination skin, so right after applying the mask; I felt a subtle, pleasantly warm sensation on my skin.  I just wet my face and didn’t need additional water to massage the face, but you may if required. Although sixty minutes sounded like a really short time for any skin treatment, but the skin felt firm and smooth after the wash. The results are not very impressive in terms of exfoliation but you definitely get the soft skin of a typical facial mask.  Just make sure your skin is acne or rash free before applying this mask.

Price and Availability

PureDerm is easily available in all your nearest superstores. I bought this from chase up for Rs350/

My verdict

For most of us, the best skincare treatment is one that is clearly visible and speaks loud like a glowing face or a cut off in complexion *I highly condemn the latter*. This self heating mask is more like a novelty product as good as a quick skin softening facial treatment is concerned. So if you are looking forward to a quick pick-me-up, this mask is right for you. Here is my five point review of the product.


ease of use





Will I use it again?

Why not? It’s a quick , handy cleansing hack!

What is your cleansing routine these days? Which products are you using? I am happy to hear!







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