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The last weekend went by quickly, probably because I had been wrapped up into a few family commitments and may be for I was engulfed in winding up pending work *yeah I am still getting a hang of Ramadan routine*. Regardless, my week unwinded with a little pampering at Tryst, the details of which are worthy of sharing here.

Tryst salon and spa, situated at Khayban-e-Shahbaz Karachi, was recently launched in the beginning of this month. I came to know about it through a friend and recently received an invitation from the team to try their services.

This is the invite I got which speaks tons about the brand’s persona i.e class, and sophistication. Plus, it admirably resonates with the salon’s vintage theme.


I reached there right on time, and decided to first have a look around. The team was absolutely warm and welcoming, showed me around and briefed a little about their services.


Right as you enter the salon, you witness a unique vintage setup in the way of reception and waiting area extending to the service area. The space is comfortable with natural light arrangement making the interior appear bright and clean. You find the pastel floral hues around adding poise and elegance to the air. On asking what inspired this vintage theme, the lovely Anita Mirza-Founder and Creative Head of Tryst- said,

I wanted to ensure my clients do not only get the best service, but also take the overall experience with them home. The space is created with love and it shows around at every corner.




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Besides offering all the basic salon and spa service, Tryst also  introduced Brazilian Blowout which is a hair smoothing treatment to improve the health of hair. A few hair color treatments are also something which would interest you specially if you are in your mid 30s. These treatments are formulated to ensure hair doesn’t get frizzy despite having gone through continuous haircolor procedures.

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I decided to have pedicure done. I don’t even remember the last time I got it done so kudos to my super sweet service girl Afshan for carrying through such a difficult task! *chuckles*

The service area was clean, spacious; the seats were comfortable and the huge window adjacent to the area made the space looked brighter. I was asked time and again if I was comfortable to ensure the best of treatment. I was glad that unlike most of the pedicures I’ve had before, the cuticle trimming here was not painful at all, neither did I face any skin rashes! -two things which make me most grumpy about pedicures!-

The pedicure also involved the use of Feeling footloose scrub by Food for your Face which helped wearing off dead skin and left the skin smooth.

[To know more about Food for your face you can read my review here]

At the end, she complimented the pedicure with an utterly relaxing foot massage. The right pressure and gentle stretches certainly got me to a state of comfort. The treatment took about an hour to finish. It was  natural ingredient pedicure but for something more exclusive, you can choose their Esse Spa pedicure. Its totally upto you.

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Here is the regular price list of nail care.


You can also avail the special Ramadan deals here


For complete service and price details, check their Facebook page and book an appointment.


Do my feet feel happy? Yes they do! The pedicure tools were clean, staff was friendly, and the experience was relaxing for a decent price tag. So, here is the five point rating of key factors.





Are you planning to visit Tryst? Do share your experience with me! 🙂






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2 thoughts on “Tryst Salon & Spa Review

  1. Kiran imtiaz says:

    excellent review, now, i really wanna go. 🙂

    please post a link to their website. I cannot find it anywhere.
    thank you.

    1. Hina Ilyas says:

      Thanks Kiran. Though I already mentioned their fb page in the post but here you go again 🙂

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