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I am still adjusting to the new Ramadan routine. The sleep pattern I am following is turning my biological clock bonkers. I work the whole night until sehri and then go back to sleep around 5 a.m in the morning. Crazy, right? But Tada!!! I still manage to get back to you, and meet all my work deadlines. It’s more like I have replaced day with night, gotta have to revert to routine after Ramadan.

Life has not been much happening these days so I am making the most of this time by planning some new projects, collaborating, and writing fiction. Yes, I do write short prose and poetry but just out of hobby. I have a separate facebook page for that and got a story published on LULU sometime back. Not sure if I should publish this work frequently or maybe post such content here. Would you like to read?

Anyway, I am sharing some important bits and pieces from last two weeks *since I skipped last week’s rundown*. Here you go.

Spa Day at Tryst

I was invited to visit Tryst last weekend which turned out to be a quite relaxing day. You can read all about Tryst and my experience here.


Aftaar Plan 

Met my sisters from another mister at Chachajee for aftaar. They are my colleagues turned BFFS from my very first workplace. We dont get to meet together too often since all of us our busy life-ing, but whenever we do, it’s no less than a gossip and laughter blast.


Super Dad coming to rescue

I keep my pendants and necklaces stuffed inside a box *guilty as charged*. If you do the same, you know how the pendant chains entangle into each other like obsessed lovers and how difficult it gets to separate them. So, I preferred not to wear such jewelry easier than  going through the trouble of lining them up until my dad came up with this solution. He created this pretty jewelry organizer and saved the day! Now all I have to do is, open the closet, pick the one which fits the look and rule the world (in my head of course)!

P.S It was my sister’s old table tennis racket which we painted and now using as jewelry organizing board. My dad used these colorful cardboard pins to make little hangers. How cool is that!!!!




We celebrated my baby sister’s birthday with her friends. These are the presents she received, but the one from my side is still due! What should I buy for her, any suggestions? She is an athlete by the way and one of the most “not so girly girls” I know. So yes, buying her a present is always a little challenging.


Binge Comic-ing

I binge watched Domics the whole freaking week!  I was never an avid comics reader but this version is quite fun and engaging. Some of the episodes are really hilarious, sharing one here.

Thats a wrap! You all can get back to Weekending! Wuhuuuuu! 










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2 thoughts on “Week Unwind: Bits & Pieces

  1. Okay I am drooling over that pendent holder 😍…btw so glad to see a pakistani fellow

    1. Hina Ilyas says:

      Thanks Iqra 🙂

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