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It’s only the second day of Ramadan, but if you are a foodie, you must already be thinking of having iftar out with family and friends. With so many options available, it gets daunting to choose the deal most fitting to your budget and taste buds. I have made the task easier for you by rounding up the best iftar deals around town. The deals and options were unending, but I made this rundown keeping in mind price competitiveness and variety in menu. So, feast your eyes sistas and their brothers or whomever it may concern. *I better shut up*


If you are looking forward to scrumptious barbecue and complete desi main course within your budget, Kababjees is offering a special discounted buffet. You can avail the discount vouchers within first seven days of Ramzan and get 35% off on the menu. Fair deal? Yes!



For a rather new name in town, Khanji is doing well in impressing customers with appetizing food. Though this offer is not relatively competitive (in terms of price), but it’s a good option if you want to savour traditional food.


Tavern Grill

 Besides offering an all you can eat buffet, Travern grill is also offering a 20% discount on all the bookings made during the first week of Ramadan. Where are all the steak enthusiasts?


Rosati Bistro
Amongst the listed buffets here, Rosati’s offer is most competitive. You get an all you can eat buffet at Rs 1299 with a 30% discount on first week reservations.


Delfrio’s iftar deal is a complete package as you get 3 course meal for Rs 990. It’s quite fulfilling because you get your hands on special appetizers, main courses and a delightful scoop of ice cream.


NewYork Coffee

Are you a fan of their mini burgers? For me, they overshadow almost the whole starter menu! *drooling*. Getting on point, you can buy one entree and get the other for 50% off on their regular menu. I would say its a pretty good run for a fast food menu!


Gloria Jeans

Not a bad deal when you are accompanying your bestie for a little chit chat over iftar. The price is comparatively fair and the taste has always received mixed reviews. So, go if you are happy with their menu! I pretty am!

13407338_1114386445316955_3612463129708151684_n (1)


A wise girl once said, you can’t claim to love Peri Peri bites unless they inspire a cult like devotion among you! That wise girl turned out to be me, but that’s not the point here! You can get the iftar deal at Nandos for Rs 650 per person so it’s a good offer for an under budget palatable meal.And, specially, if you are a serious Peri bite devotee!



This is an ideal offer for chinese lovers but you will have to hurry because 50% discount is valid on dine in for the first ten days of Ramadan.


Asia Live-Avari Towers

If an exclusive fine iftar experience is what you want, Asia Live can be your pick. Here, you can have a wide range of tantalizing menus for Rs 2950/ per person.


Pizza Hut

This is the most classic and affordable deal for Pizza lovers. Just don’t be overzealous and waste food!

All “not so” pizza lovers, move on to other options.

13312660_815797401854621_827452622380396252_n (1)

Dunkin Donuts

I would call it a happy iftar meal because you are getting delicious sandwich, mini pizza, donut and drink just for Rs. 450! Its of course not fit for people who prefer complete main course, but in anycase, the simpler the better!


Student Biryani

For all the “hungry for biryani” souls out there, Student has the best biryani deal in town. Also, if you are hosting iftar at home, choose their Iftar box available for Rs 170 only! I call this “sasti aur Tikau” offer.

13263871_1028281277219469_7759825530710744160_n (1) 13254492_1027256437321953_858471210826169397_n

These are some of the best deals I reckoned worthy of sharing. Since we will be seeing more deals and offers as the month proceeds, would you like to update them here? If yes, then shoot a message on my Facebook page!

Geeezzz! It’s still three hours left until Iftar and this post has turned me freakingly famished! See you again with a new post soon! *closes the laptop lid and goes off to sleep*

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  1. Anna says:

    Much awaited. thank you Hina.

    1. Hina Ilyas says:

      I am glad you found it handy! 🙂

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