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Winters, beach, barbecue, tea, and a little sunshine! 

A few years back places like Gorah Hill, Kund Malir beach, and Mubarak village were not common names as they are now. The start of online travel booking gave quite a turnaround to these places and I am so glad they did. Else I will still be beaching (is that even a word) at the same old spots patting my back at these escapades.

I visited Mubarak Village beach a while back, well a few things got on the way and this post was somehow dumped at a corner of my mind. So I am sharing the deets of this trip now in case you are planning to visit Mubarak Village anytime soon. Mubarak village or goth is a small village located at the outskirt of Karachi. The main occupation of villagers is fishing so it’s also called the fishers village which borders with Gadani beach.

I am sharing a few tips here that will help you have more fun and no regrets during your trip to the Mubarak village beach.

Get Up, Leave Early

We left around 5:30 a.m but ideally you should leave before sunrise as its quite a long way from the city. Since we also stopped on your way for breakfast, so adding that the estimated time for reaching the destination was 3.5 hours.

Breakfast Options

Boat basin is a good option to have breakfast but if you leave too early, these nashta dhaba might still be closed. We faced the same issue and found no other dhaaba where we could have breakfast with the family. Hence, we decided to be a little patient and that absolutely paid off. Let me tell you, it was one of the best decisions of the day. There is a whole array of small dhabas at Maripur that were making fresh halwa puri. We passed by one and decided to stop there for a delectable halwa puri! It was one of the best halwa puris I have had in my life. So yes, don’t waste time prepping for breakfast at home!


Take Pictures, loads of them

As we crossed the Hawksbay belt, we came across a picturesque landscape of larger than life mountains,  a dusty terrain and wild plants that give an impression of an oasis in the wilderness. It’s a long way to the beach but the landscape keeps you mesmerized and you don’t really complain about the long route. Village landscapes apart, the beach itself has quite some visual treats! Golden sand, clear blue water, rocky algae mountings along the shore, and turquoise blue pebbles, everything is just plain gorgeous and worth a click!

Don’t rush, contemplate the village life a bit

You get to witness the village life along the coastline on your way to the beach. You see a group of women walking all the way to the pond to fetch water, elderly men seated on their Otaq and smoking Huqqa, children wandering around the neighborhood chasing chickens and a few other things which resonate their simple yet challenging lives. For us, all of it might seem quite new and awe-worthy but the stark reality is that this village is deprived of basic living necessities like clean water, schools, and means of earning! So, don’t expect fancy little houses which they narrate in stories, but do look forward to happy, warm faces!

Didn’t find a fancy hut? Opt for temporary lodging

Our plan was quite random so we didn’t have enough time for booking a hut. In this case, you have the option of staying in the small lodgings spread along the beach. You look for one and pay the rent right away which is about Rs 1500 to 2000 for a day.  These lodgings are not really fancy but definitely comfortable and have ample space for even a small barbeque setup.

The sleepy face under a little makeup but still happy we left home early!

Plan Meals

We thank ourselves for planning barbeque at the beach that turned out amazingly well. Abbu had already prepared everything–from marinating the meat a night earlier to getting the bbq accessories ready–and he happily took the charge of grilling these “khoobsurat” chicken botis to perfection as we continued savoring the fresh hot barbeque. We had Biryani also on the menu that Ammi prepared beforehand because she knew we won’t really suffice on barbeque. But I would definitely suggest you prepare food right on the spot as it makes the whole experience really exciting and memorable. This food spree continued till the evening and ended with garma garam Koela doodh patti that we made on the same barbeque set! Smart, right?!!


Abbu actually doing the work while I just pose!

The Shore is Quite Steep, You’d have to Let Go Off a Few Sports Activities

Mubarak Beach is quite steep hence our plans of playing throw ball and cricket on shore couldn’t really materialize. So probably you will have to rethink the sports activities. Secondly, the beach was really crowded the day we planned that trip, so it became really difficult to play even when we tried! But again, weekends are mostly crowded; you better choose a weekday for this trip if it suits you!

Stock up on Shopping bags

The saddest thing we observe on beaches is people throwing waste like it’s their registered trash bin. Be a little considerate and keep plastic bags with you so you can dump the waste inside them to throw it in the waste bin once you get back home! It’s just a little extra something you will be carrying back with you for the sake of being thoughtful!

The coastline, village, and beach are really peaceful and picturesque that let you get away from routine. If you are still indecisive about Mubarak Village, go ahead, it’s worth a visit! I would love to hear your experience!

Until next time!



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