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Definition of perfect torment: Winters coupled with the shadi season and vice versa.

This is the time of the year when I am most welcoming towards routine and do not want to do things any differently other than the basic chores of the day *read eat, sleep, eat again*. But when a very dear friend planned to tie the knot recently, I had to assume the responsibility of breaking through the routine, primp up for her big day and look pretty!

Normally I avoid getting makeup at salons, partly because most of them *even the popular ones* use the foundations that perfectly mismatch with my skin tone *never understood why’d they do it*. And mainly because my work routine doesn’t always allow the luxury of spending hours at the salons. The latter was the case the past week but I found a really cool alternative which I am going to review here!

I booked a salon service to receive party makeup for my friend’s wedding. The only difference was this new salon “Makeover at home” provided me a professional service at the comfort of my home! All I had to do was whatsapp my requirements, the day and the time I needed them, and my contact details! Yes, you can do a happy dance, specially if you go through a serious seasonal affective disorder and dread going out for anything but work these days! Here is my review of this new home salon service.

A little about Makeover at Home

“Makeover at home” is a premium home salon and spa service providers based in Karachi. From basic salon services like threading, waxing, and facials to more sophisticated spa treatments like Thai massage, and hair treatments, you have a number of service options to choose from. Ruby, the owner of Makeover at home is a certified makeup artist who has worked in the media industry as a stylist and makeup artist.

We can’t really call it the first home salon as there are a number of experts working independently, but it’s definitely one of the first professionally run home salon set up in the city.

The Services I booked

Paraffin Pedicure

I never had paraffin pedicure before so I was not sure what to expect from it. But I must say the treatment felt like a luxurious splurge at a spa. The treatment requires keeping your feet dipped in melted paraffin wax which is quite comforting and it left my feet silky smooth. After that, my service expert applied a long-lasting Essie polish which in fact I am still wearing. I noticed the team’s meni/pedi suitcase had almost all nail colors under the sun. The team brought a mobile electric meni/pedi machine and my service expert did a good job of cuticle cutting, filling, scrubbing, and nail paint application, so I can’t really think of anything I can complain about.

Party Makeup

I asked Ruby for a party look with a little more glamorous eye make up.My dress was royal blue with gold embroidery for which she suggested I go with gold smokey eyes, light peachy cheeks, and distressed coral lips. For hairstyle, I chose tight curls which I flaunted for another two days—which was awesome as my silky hair mostly revert back to dead straight texture within only a day.

Professionalism and Hygiene

The first thing I noticed right as the team entered my home was their professional demeanor. The team wore a neat grey and black uniform and carried all their utensils and tools in a proper suitcase. They set up quite quickly and my room turned into a home salon in just a few minutes.

I especially wanted to know about the products that Ruby uses for makeup and she didn’t hesitate even once in showing me their makeup case. Although their towels and sheets were clean but since I am over finicky about using these things, I chose to have my own sheets and towels–which is basically a perk of using home salon service.

Secondly, the staff was polite, they inquired time and again if I am happy with the services or if I feel uncomfortable about anything. These appear like little things, but they matter a lot to customers who place high significance on a professional and friendly behavior.


The price is a bit high but these services would cost me almost the same if I book them from any other good salon. So the thing which I measured against was the quality and comfort; both of which justified the price. The total cost break down of party makeup and Paraffin pedicure is below:

  1. Party makeup with Hairdo: Rs. 5000
  2. Paraffin Pedicure with Nail color application: Rs. 1800


When you take into account the comfort of home and good riddance from tiring hours of waiting at the salon, I think Makeover at Home is an ideal option. At salons, the services are done in a rush most of the time, but the uninterrupted attention that I received from Makeover at Home staff is one of the main reasons I will be availing their services again. Secondly, we are not sure about the products used by salons as they are stored somewhere and they just take a scoop of the product for use. With a home salon service, you can see these products yourself and have more information right there.

I believe if you are short on time, had a tiring day or just don’t want to leave home for something as small as eyebrow threading, Makeover at home is a pretty good option.

You can visit their facebook page here.

My 5 point rating on different factors for Makeover at Home is given below. If you have also availed any of the services by them, let me know about your experience.


Until next time!

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