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You already know why I call this series “Feel good Friday”, because the week ends and we prepare for our very own fun-filled time. Since the day I bade farewell to my 9 to 5 job, I feel my excitement for weekends has slackened off a bit. I have always related weekends with a quiet, peaceful day spent in home reading books, binge movie watching, and gulping countless cups of tea just like that! But now, I can give myself this royal treatment any day, which I believe is both a blessing and curse because the temptation of enjoying an uncalled weekend hinders the work schedule! Though I follow a fixed work schedule but let me confess here, I gave too much way to binge series watching this week! Ah will try to keep up with some pending work next week! So getting back to the post, I am sharing some of the things which I found really exciting this week. You would definitely want to have a look! Here we go!

Binge watching-Better call Saul

This is another series which has got me absolutely hooked! It’s a spinoff serial of “Breaking Bad” and if you are already a fan of Saul Goodman you will love “Better Call Saul”. You can still watch it, but I would advise you to see Breaking Bad first to completely connect with the background of events featured in “Better call Saul”


Quick Microwave Mug Meals

You would love to check these quick microave recipes. I already tried chocolate brownie and Mug pizza and they turned out super delicious and easy.

Stunning Wedding Entrance Ideas

These wedding entrance decors are so breathtakingly beautiful that I want to get married right away! *Just don’t tell my mother* Have a look here!


Striking Ethnic Necklace

Although it looks gorgeously heavy on pocket, I recently got this for 800/Rs only from Wrap & Grab Millennium Mall Karachi. Surprised! right? It’s a very reasonably priced gift and jewelry shop and I often visit it for home decor items and jewelry. So yeah, there are still brands that have quality items which do not rip you off your money!


Thats all for today! Have a great weekend girls! xoxoxoxox




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