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Mondays are turning exciting for me as I update my most favorite blog series “What the Funk” every week on this day. Last week I shared the first part of the series in which I talked about this Leopard print tote. Today’s post features these sassy flattering chain ankle strap heels which I am loyally and happily married to!

For me, ankle straps are the strong contender of shoes at the moment. I believe these heels are a must have fashion statement in every style savvy girl’s closet. I don’t casually wear heels but whenever I do, this is my favorite go to pair. Why? Because they are comfortable, match both dressy and plain outfits and look especially chic with jeans.


Now, lets talk about the key highlights of these heels. The golden chain strap is the spotlight here as it adds a celebrity like feel to the look. There is a back zip closure which is really convenient as buckles are usually a bit of a struggle for me. The metallic gold front straps exude subtle elegance which doesn’t look too gaudy so I don’t have to be conscious about moving on in them even casually.  As for the quality and comfort, they run true to size with a smooth and soft leather lining of the strap. I had some terrible experiences with strappy sandals and ended up getting my ankles hurt due to the rough texture of the straps, but I am glad these chain straps are super comfy!


Did I miss out something? Of course, the brand and price! I bought these from Aerosoft! Yes, you read that right! Aerosoft is not known for heels though and I went there to get flip flops for summers only to had my eyes fixed on these sexy heels! Surprisingly they are for Rs 2000/ only-not as expensive as they seem and I am still psyched about it. So, yes I found love at a hopeless place (Thank you Rihanna for signing the song that reflects my buying experience).

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I always say you don’t have to buy big brands to look fashionable, just be open to alternatives, visit the nearest local stores as often as you can and you would be surprised finding some really stylish and quality items at reasonable price.

I will get back with the third part of “What the funk” series and I will be sharing something I made myself! Already excited! Have a great week ahead you all! Stay beautiful and wise as you are!


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