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If you ask me, sunglasses have umpteen utilities besides protecting eyes from the serious sun glares, like
being able to stare at people without getting caught, pretending to be awake while you enjoy secret
sleep on your ride back from work, or probably just to look sassy when you feel least of it. Whatever
your reason for wearing those cool shades might be, the super season of flaunting sunglasses is right

Now you can get a pair of shades from any local vendor in your vicinity but what is the point of wearing
sunglasses if they don’t make you look suave! Also, why splurge money on something that will just break
at the slightest provocation? Therefore, to help you get your hands on the most suitable shades here is
a roundup of best places you can order sunglasses online without having to go out because there is no
such thing as too many pairs of sunglasses!

1. Ottica

Ottica is located at Schon Circle Clifton, but they have the option of online delivery via their facebook
page. They have a collection of different designer brands at reasonable prices.

PC: Ottica

2. Eyewatch

Another brand that should be on your list for quality eyewear is Eyewatch. This is a Karachi-based
premium brand that offers a lot of choices. I came across some of the really unique, upbeat designs at Eyewatch so it would be right to call it a modern, leisure eyewear brand.

PC: Eyewatch

3. Splash

Splash majorly is a clothing brand but it has in store a handsome collection of designer sunglasses as well-hence the price is comparatively high. But if you are looking for that perfect pair of shades to invest in, Splash could be a good option to head to.

PC: Splash


Have you ever felt that there is never the right frame for your face at any shop? Like sure they have
amazing sunglasses but you have to look around to get the one meant for you. Sometimes, you find the
frame but they are either the wrong color or only come in prescription glasses. If that is the case, you have the option to choose custom made glasses from in the frame, color, shape, or
size as you wish!


5. 9lines

Now, this is where you can get the funkiest sunglasses, inspired by the pop art. Also, the brand is daring
and not afraid to experiment either. They know how to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the fashion industry. So, if you are looking to make a fashion statement, 9lines should be your pick!


I have added on this list especially because of their classy frames and stylish shades. I like the beautiful
frames they have that match every kind of face. Their huge variety ensures that you will find a pair of sunglasses just
perfect for you. Find them online and look at their wonderful eyewear collection from which you can
take your pick.

7. AliExpress

This is my favorite site to get as many unique sunglasses as I want in really cheap price! When you are buying from Aliexpress, ofcourse, you would have to keep the quality of sunglasses in the back seat but for funky. quirky designs, Aliexpress is the best choice!


Now that you know which places to go to, you are all set to begin the hunt for the perfect shades!

Hina Ilyas
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5 thoughts on “Best Online Places to Get Sunglasses in Pakistan

  1. syed sehar says:

    I think people go to splash just because it is a brand name. I once bought sunglasses from there and they were very delicate, broke in the very first use. I have bought from ottica and I must say they were really good.

    1. Hina Ilyas says:

      Yes I think quality is compromised when you look into a few lifestyle brands for sunglasses. Ottica is quite a name in this niche!

  2. Faizan Alam says:

    It’s all about satisfaction. Some people get satisfaction by purchasing branded glasses or some by local glasses.

    1. Hina Ilyas says:

      That’s so true!

  3. I like this website its a master peace ! Glad I found this on google .

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