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After about two decades of indecisiveness and a few hundred years spent on watching vlogs about the pros and cons of hair color, I took the plunge and got my hair colored—that too smoking red! I would like a round of applause, please! Thank you! You can read about my hair color experience briefly over this post.

You got the color, cool! But the real job begins post-color treatment. Hair needs extra protection after color as there are more chances for it to turn dry and brittle. Post color care was one of the main concerns for me and since I opted for red color which fades faster, I have to be extra protective to make sure the tresses don’t become porous and the color stays longer. The good thing is I don’t have to spend painfully longer hours to follow any specific ritual. There are just a few essential things I follow and make sure my hair remains healthy and luminous. If you also got the dye, these basic care points will come handy.

After Color, Wait At least 2 Days To Shampoo

You have to give some time to the color to set and for that 2 to 3 days time is ideal for shampoo. If there is an urgency, use a dry shampoo. I washed my hair after three days as I yet had to buy a color protecting shampoo.

Invest in a good Color Protecting Shampoo

I am using Lipidium absolute repair shampoo by Loreal on the recommendation of my stylist, but you can choose any other good brand too. These shampoos are basically sulfate free which do not dry out hair and help the color lasts longer. I bought it for Rs. 2000 from my stylist as I cannot trust other sellers when it comes to the authenticity of such products.


Use cool or lukewarm water to wash hair

You can conveniently practice this as the hot and humid weather these days calls for a cool water bathe only. But if you are getting hair color during a rather colder weather, make sure you use lukewarm water and avoid overdoing heat on your hair.

Shampoo 2 to 3 Times A Week

This may sound gross (or probably a good news for lazy people like me), but washing your hair thrice a week is quite sufficient. Frequent hair wash will not only fade the color, but it will turn your processed strands dry.

Let The Hair Dry Naturally 

Since getting the color, I have stopped using the hair dryer to avoid heat as much as possible. If for some reason, you have to use a dryer, don’t forget to apply a heat protectant.

Don’t Sleep With Wet Hair

As much as I am habitual of having a shower at night, I have to force myself to quit this habit. I repeated this practice following the very first hair wash and my pillow ended up turning pink, but there is more to it than this petty issue. Going to sleep with wet hair generally breaks and damages hair and it’s always wise to give hair time to dry before bedtime.

Oil hair once a week

It’s great if you use a conditioning hair mask, but if you don’t, make hair oiling your weekly ritual. Using a hair mask is always quite tedious for me, so I alternate it with regular hair oiling routine using coconut oil to maintain the moisture.



As I mentioned earlier, post-color care is not too challenging even for a low maintenance person like me. I have made the above tips my habit because I loved how my highlights turned out and I would like them to last longer. Let me know if you follow any special routine for protecting your hair color. Would love to hear more tips!

Until next time!

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