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Since I started waking up early, the weekends appear longer and I have the whole day to plan a few blog chores (photography, calendar management, etc), and to actually weekend (Netflix, hangouts, movies, wall staring etc). However, the last week was a roller coaster ride of events, activities and major lifestyle update (read: hair color). In case the day is getting the better of you, my last week’s highlight will definitely cheer you up! *at least that’s what I like to believe*.

Bioderma and Fashion Live Event

This was a really lively session organized in collaboration between Fashion Live Association and Bioderma Pakistan. if you didn’t already know, its been sometime since the launch of Bioderma in Pakistan so they wanted to engaged bloggers for an awareness session about their products. But I was really happy the discussion headed to some really pressing and important skin care and beauty issues like general skin health and the brown skin taboo.

We had a discussion and question-answer session with the team of fashion live after which the Bioderma team briefed us about what the consumers should expect of the brand’s products. Bioderma also presented their brand story and gave a complete product description of what they offer and how their products help in achieving spotless skin. The event was followed by lunch and networking session and it was great to meet some of my fellow bloggers for the first time.

From left to right: Mehak Shokat from Petals and Pickles, Maheen from Fashion Live and Me!

Blogger also received this cool swag bags that had products from Bioderma. I am going to review the Sensiobio cleanser and Sebium foaming gel soon!


Hair Color

This is the major life update of the week! I have been thinking about hair color for some time and finally took the leap. The only thing stopping me was cutting down of my jet black hair which I love to the moon and beyond, but out of nowhere the red color obsession was getting stronger than the former, hence the decision! I went to get a shade of maroon from Mizka Studio and she suggested I should add hints of honey and maroon with purple undertone for a more dramatic and professional look. Basically, I was looking for a warmer shade that blends well with my wheatish skin tone without coming off too loud. Got exactly that! What do you think?

If you want more details about this hair color session like price, post-color care and choosing the right shade, let me know and I will do a separate post on that!


Lunch at Good Fellas Pizzeria

I happened to visit Good Fellas recently and I think this pizza place is an example of delighting customers with amazing ambiance but losing focus on taste and quality. I went there with a friend and we were taken aback by such great effort put into decor which is majorly inspired by urban and classic movie themes left me wondering where could I get such cool props for my blog. But then came the real stuff!! We ordered nacho cheese fries and creamy pizza. The quantity of both the dishes was quite fine but the nacho cheese and creamy cheese tasted almost the same and also quite bitter. Pizza looked really tempting with generous creamy topping, and fine thin crust, only if the cheese was fresh too and that was the point which killed the taste. Even the coke we ordered tasted what my friend called “Shahi supari infused”, argh! Quite disappointing. Service was quick, the price was reasonable, but the taste requires a major upgrade, at least for the dishes we ordered. Our bill was Rs.1000 as they are offering a welcome discount for new customers.


First Meeting with a Virtual Client

I started the virtual assistance business a year ago and since then I happened to work with some really amazing clients in various niches like lifestyle, food, technology, finance, you name it! The clients I met last week were one of my very first VA clients when I had only begun and running a one-woman show. It was great meeting Manail (who is based in Saudi Arabia) for the first time along with Haris.

Though the nature of my business is entirely virtual, and I even try to keep my own team’s meeting online, but there is still no comparison of one on one meetings.


So that was what my week looked like and tell you what? This is just a main part of it!

Hope you have really great week ahead! Until next time!


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