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If you are an online shopping freak like me, you must know all about the available online payment methods. I always find debit card payments most convenient, but a few weeks back, after going through a not so happy online payment episode, I had to rethink my options and stick to cash on delivery only. Most of us rely on cash on delivery service as the safest payment option but if I say there is more than just safety we are looking forward to? Yes, there are a number of benefits of cash on delivery that make the buyers forgo other payment alternatives and you would agree with almost all of them!


Scam Fear

I often hear customers whining how the seller made them pay online and just vanished in thin air! The fear of scam sellers is witnessed more than ever these days so buyers prefer making the payment only when they have received the products.



Customers are still dubious about online payments given the risk of identity theft and other possible frauds. Secondly, when it comes to online shopping in Pakistan, people find online money transactions quite a hassle, so cash on delivery appears the most convenient option for them.


Limited Payment Options

Not every ecommerce website has online payment option available, so COD is the only means where sellers reach out to buyers even if the customers have all the means to make online payment.


Product Gratification

Most buyers are satisfied only when they have checked the product inside out, felt it as much as they can and some *like me* don’t even shy away from smelling it! In this case, cash on delivery is a handy option to actually check the product before paying for it. Seeing is believing!


The First Timers

When I made my first online purchase, I had all the possible doubts about product quality and authentic selling. So cash on delivery offers the safest option to the first timers for building trust and probably even switching to online payment afterwards.


Low Value Purchases

For low value purchases, buyers find it easy to pay in cash instead of going through the trouble of entering card details.


No Understanding of Cards

For someone who has no knowledge of using cards or does not own one in the first place, cash on delivery works as the only viable option!

Presently cash on delivery is the most favorite online payment option readily accepted by us for all the above reasons. The sellers yet have to come up with creative ways to encourage online payments and reduce buyers‘ fear.  Do you only rely on COD or try multiple options? Which one is your first pick?

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