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I “What the Funk” on Mondays because I want to feed your mind with all quirky and pretty things on a day as blue as this one! So yes, I am back with the third part and sharing something really special to me-this retro digital print shirt by my fashion store Fixation. Retro clothes , and accessories are probably the best thing for me ever happened in the fashion world! I have some serious obsession*autocorrect* Fixation for everything retro and the same couldn’t escape my thoughts while I was designing this button down shirt. I named this top “Hip & Play” *interesting right?* so, lets talk about this fun baby!


This is a silk button down shirt featuring quirky and colorful cassette print. The buttons in the front compliment a fun persona this shirt exudes. The color combination of lime, pink, orange and blue is subtle enough to not look too gaudy so you do not even appear overdone, or boring, but just hip!


I often pair it with plain accessories to add up to the look. Though denims are absolutely made for this top but you can always have sleek tights to go with the shirt. As for the comfort, the silk is soft and breathable fit for summers in Karachi. Anyone can pull it off well but make sure you are not overdoing the look by pairing it with printed pants or tights!


This is probably my favorite design from the collection and I am never going to get sick of it! I have my soul in this one, come on!!!

You can check the price and get your hands on “Hip & Play” here. Have a great week ahead!





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