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My love affair with candles is no secret and I shared a home decor post sometime back using candles and fairy lights. But some of you might not know that the paraffin candles which we usually buy are the definite worst offenders to indoor air quality. I never paid attention to this until I came across Beeflair-a brand which makes 100% pure beeswax candles using essential oils.  So, I planned to make a switch from paraffin to beeswax and tried a few charming candles by Beeflair. Now sharing my thoughts with you in case you are a candle lover like me and would choose to burn your candles clean! There is also a giveaway at the end of this post so wear excitement up your sleeves and read on!


Why Beewax?

First, let’s understand why Beeswax is preferable over paraffin. Paraffin candles emit carcinogens with every single burn that can wreak havoc on respiratory systems. To put it simply, these candles are not ideal for allergen free indoor air. There are a few reasons for which Beeswax is a safe and happy option if you are fond of burning candles every single day.

  1. Beeswax candles burn clean without any synthetic chemicals or additives. They do not leave behind black soot unlike paraffin candles.
  2. While they are allergen free, they also purify air and emit negative ions which remove common household allergens.
  3. Beeswax candles are natural air purifiers and burn longer than the normal candle
  4. The wicks are made of 100% cotton which support clearing environment from airborne pollutants!

My Thoughts on Beeflair Beewax Candles

I received this beautiful box of assorted candles and as I opened it to be greeted by lovely subtle floral, fruity smell. Lets have a look at the scents that I received!


Clarity with Peppermint Essential Oil

It has a sharp minty smell which is not too strong or too subtle to burn. The jar size is sufficient enough for the scent to linger in the room for a longer period so you can keep it in your living or drawing room.



I am especially fond of fruity scents and the Funfetti candles were special delight to me. These candles seem as funky and fun as the name sounds and the colorful wax makeup specially adds to the experience. Funfetti has a fruity scent which does not amplify while burning but a lovely scent does linger for a while. I believe they are more preferable for bedroom, study room or bathroom because their scent would be less noticeable in bigger spaces.



Citronella Bucket Candle and Mini Hearts

These are scented candle cum insect repellants. I love the unique bucket design which is definitely meant to uplift your garden, balcony, or corridor. It can also be a cool eye candy to place in your doorway! The lovely mini hearts have a heavenly floral smell. You can either keep them next to your bathtub, bathroom rack, or on your bedroom side table, a whiff of subtle scent will keep gracing your space.


The breathtaking scents aside, these candles burn brighter and evenly than paraffin candles. As Beeflair uses essential oils, the candles become especially ideal as stress relieving and anti depressant agents.


I found their prices quite competitive as compared to other brands so its no less than a relaxing, refreshing, affordable home decor package.  Even if you are not fond of candles, you would fall in love with the scents and will keep shoving them against your nose like I have been like a junkie! Even right now a Funfetti burns next to my workstation! You can visit Beeflair’s page here to have a look at other scents and designs!

Burning Guidlines

  1. Burn the candles no more than 3 to 4 hours per lighting
  2. Keep the wick trimmed to 1/4 inch to do away with smoking candles
  3. Burn the candles in a heat resistant container to catch the molten wax


And now here is your chance to enter the giveaway!

I should not live such lovely scents alone, right? So I want you to try a few, and I am glad Beeflair is sponsoring four candles for the winner! Follow these steps to enter the competition

  1. Signup to Hashtagged’s newsletter here 
  2. Like Beeflair’s facebook page here
  3. Share this blog post on your Facebook profile with “public” setting
  4. Comment “Done” in the comments section


  1. There you go! Make sure you enter all the above steps to qualify for the giveaway!
  2. Any four candles from Beeflair will be sent to the winner!
  3. I will randomly choose the winner but if you are more active on my facebook page, your chance to win becomes twofold! *I am smart right? chuckles*
  4. The winner will be announced on 19th October, 16

May the best girl win! And a happy week ahead!

[Disclaimer] There are no affiliate links in this post, all the opinion are solely mine based on my fondness for the product.








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