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In the constant struggle to lose weight and meet personally set (and a lot of times, unrealistic) body goals, you may be tempted to go on a fad diet that promises to help you get that hot bod super fast. And obviously, it ended in a bad way- you probably ended up gaining more weight or were back to square one.

So what’s this deal about fad diets, and why’s everyone so obsessed about them when they clearly don’t work? Time to find out! Read on.


From juice cleanses to detox diets- most fad diets work towards a common goal- super fast weight loss. While that may sound like exactly what you need, it is important to remember one single fact- weight gain doesn’t happen overnight, which means, weight loss won’t work overnight too.


Most fad diets also work on a flawed ideology- starving the body of energy so as to stimulate fat burning process, but it doesn’t always work that way- starving your body off its essential nutrients is only going to be harmful in the long run.


From progresso soup diet to lemon juice cleanses, all fad diets have a simple set of rules- stick to the consumption of one particular food or food group and let go of everything else- and that’s simply impossible- not just because it may be difficult to live your life on just water based foods, but also because in the long run, it can severely damage your health.


So no matter how tempting that 3 day rapid fat loss diet looks, do your body a favor and don’t go for it. When it comes to losing weight, the simplest way is the easiest way out. Dedicate yourself to an exercise routine- and do it everyday without fail. Take active steps to curb binge eating and focus on consuming more of healthy foods- it isn’t that difficult you know!


Set small, achievable goals for yourself and work towards living a healthier lifestyle in general. Avoid alcohol, smoking and any other health hazards and make sure you get 7-8 hours of sleep a day. Practise mindfulness, especially when it comes to eating. Get yourself enrolled in some sport class or join a laughter club to tackle stress. And most of all, stay away from all kinds of fad diets, no matter how promising they look.

Sure, it’s okay to treat yourself once in a while but remember, what you do and eat today is going to impact your tomorrow.




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