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Lipsticks have a mystic ability to cheer me up instantly no matter how bleak the day might look! I know the same goes for every other girl out there; don’t believe if they say otherwise! Whenever I visit a store, I often unintentionally end up buying a new lipstick but this time I got one only keeping in view the newest fall trend-dark, bold lips!  Before I share this new lipstick review, have a look at this guide suggesting the most trending fall lip shades here:

Fall lipcolors 2016

Coming back to the review, I got this Kate Moss Lipstick by Rimmel and already in love with this deep dark berry shade which is absolutely on trend and shamelessly luscious. I already have a couple of reds so this shade appeared quite new for my collection especially when I am wearing it obsessively now!

Product Description

Rimmel 107 lasting finish designed by Kate Moss is a deep berry red shade with a cool under shade and a matte finish. The lipstick has a ruby powder enriched formula which gives velvety finish to the lips.

rimmel kate moss lipstick

Branding and Appearance

I really love the cool red and black tube this lipstick comes in which resonates a very classy, feminine, high end product appeal. There is Kate’s signature on the cap and a crown symbol which represents Rimmel’s logo.  Another thing I like is that the cap doesn’t come off unlike a few lipsticks that I have. So it’s definitely safe to keep it in your bag without the risk of having it squished inside. The lipstick doesn’t have a name though but only a number, so if you have more than one of these, you would really have to dig into the stash! Despite this, I love the rich, exclusive packaging!

rimmel kate moss lipstick
rimmel kate moss lipstick

Shade, Texture, and scent

The first thing you notice is a very delicious berry scent which is a signature scent for most of Kate Moss’s lipsticks. The finish of this lipstick is matte which feels a bit powdery after a while, but not like the sort of matte which turns your lips dry. So this soft matte experience is probably the best feature of this lipstick. Also, I found it super pigmented and a single swipe is enough to deposit the color on your lips. Though the brand claims the ruby and diamond powder makes this lipstick stay for the whole day, it stays easily for four to five hours only, which is quite okay I think!

rimmel kate moss lipstick

Perfect for all skintones?

Of course, you should just know how to pull off a bold shade. I am already a fan of darker lip shades and this semi matte berry shade really accentuates my brown skin quite glamorously! So, I believe if you are fond of bolder shades and pull them off quite nicely, you shouldn’t worry much about looking too loud! Infect sometimes I do double swipe for much bolder look firstly because I am not an expert in eye makeup and secondly because I like to have a Diva kind of feel wearing bold, irresistible lips!

rimmel kate moss lipstick

Price and Availability

I bought this lip color from for Rs 600/ but the price may vary across different stores. You can also get it from a nearest superstore.

Rounding up the Review!

Let’s summarize the things I noted about this lipstick:

  1. Gorgeous berry shade and alluring scent.
  2. Not very cakey.
  3. Doesn’t bleed and will stay on your lips for a couple of hours.
  4. Doesn’t dry out lips and gives a soft matte texture.
  5. The texture is creamy but may feel heavy sometimes especially if you do double swipes.
  6. Stays for 4 to 5 hours

I absolutely love this lip color and with the fact that it suits my skin tone amazingly well! Wine and berry are the season’s super shades which makes this lip color more appealing to me! So, let’s wear these hot shades and go bolder this season!

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