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Yes, it sounds like a very typical blog post but I had to follow the ritual and have you look inside my everyday makeup bag. Also, I wanted to show if Captain America ever had a make up pouch, it would have looked exactly like this! Well, I recently bought this cute, fluffy pouch and crushed sexism by stocking it with all my favorite beauty products!

I am a novice when it comes to makeup and until recently I could never really tell the purpose of a primer *The dawn of beauty blogging saved the day*. Despite all this non-sughraapa, a beauty product I have always loved is Lipsticks! I remember obsessing over my mom’s red Swiss Miss lipstick as a kid and secretly going over her bag to swatch the shade like I am doing it for the first time. Well, centuries have passed since then and I have learned the basics of other makeup applications. What you are going to see is the makeup pouch of a minimalist stripped to bare beauty essentials. But every item in my pouch is worth investing in. Let’s look at what I have here!Wonder Woman

Foundation/BB Cream

These are the basic items every girl has in their beauty bag, but I switch between BB cream and foundation depending on the season. I prefer using foundation especially during winter or spring and get back to BB creams during summers channeling the almost bare mood of the season. Currently, I am using Garnier BB cream which suits my combination skin tone amazingly well. Also, I recently ran out of my favorite color studio foundation but will most likely try Massarat Misbah this time. So, if you have used the latter, I would love a feedback!

Pink, Nude, and Red Lipstick

By the grace of heavens, I am a lipstick hoarder but these are the three essential shades I always carry in my bag. Presently I am using Note nude lipstick by JDot and Phantom pure matt by Color Studio. You will also find Kylie Matte liquid Reign in my pouch these days as its one of my recent favorites. As for reds, it’s my signature color and for me, a beauty bag is the saddest if it’s deprived of a blood red shade.

EyeLiner and Mascara

These two are obvious beauty gears in any girl’s pouch so they don’t need any whys and hows of usage! I have been hooked to Maybelline Colossal Kajal and Volume Express Mascara, but if I want to flaunt more dramatic or eyes for a formal event, I use Loreal Gel eyeliner.

Blush and Eye Palette

A little dab of blush completes the look and those who know me can tell you how I never go out without primping my face a little with a blush. I recently got “love Joy” by Nars and using it like a real makeup-holic because it has a really subtle, peachy shade. For eye shadow, I like switching between Turquoise Inglot Freedom palette and Luscious eyeshadow Trio. Both shades are worlds apart but complement my brown skin perfectly well!

Essential Brushes

By essential I mean an eyeshadow and blush brush! The ones I have are not from any brand and I just grabbed them randomly from a Chase up store. Luckily, they are not the sort of cheap brushes which become stiff after a few application so I am going to stick with them for a while!

That’s it! Though I maintain another beauty box for more formal and dramatic makeup but this little adorable pouch stores all the everyday regular items. I would love to know what’s inside your makeup bag and what are your go-to essential beauty products. Leave your comments below! Until next time!

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