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The cold is back to Karachi and I am again in the state of  “meh”. If you read my posts regularly, you know how much I dislike winters for all the gloomy vibes it gives me. But I promised myself to be grateful about it because “HE” created all the seasons and the exact timing they fall upon us for all the right reasons and wisdom that we are not really aware of!

Although I share week unwind posts every Saturday, but since my weekend was super busy, I put it together for you today. I am sharing three main highlights from my week. Besides the usual work and daily routine, I attended two blog events which you would love to know about.

Jdot Mera Andaaz Bloggers meet

Jdot hosted a bloggers meet last week on Wednesday to celebrate the launch of their new collection “Mera Andaaz”. The media professionals and bloggers were invited to have a peek inside their collection and meet the designers.

We met the marketing team and designers and talked about their inspiration behind the design. The idea behind this series of design is to celebrate ones unique style, and hence the name  “mera andaz”. When you think of JDot, you recall the gaudy prints, and embellishments but I was happy to notice casual designs which are quite unlike their usual design philosophy.  So this time around, they have kurtis, and unticthed dresses quite fit for all consumer segments like working women, colege going girls, and teenagers. Mera Andaaz is an amalgamation of textures, architecture, and geometrical designs unlike the usual JDot style. The collection also features color happy embroidered bags, makeup, fragrance and traditional footwear to be launched for the first time. This collection was launched on 3rd February, so you can find it in stores now.  We can say Jdot is gradually shifting to be a lifestyle brand.

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Although the brand held their first interaction with bloggers, but it was a well managed event. We received these beautiful swags at the end of the event and mine had this chic lemon kurti, two sample perfumes, and a matte lip color from their newly launched makeup line “Note”. I will try and review each of them in a few days.




Oh and I wore this sky blue Levis kurti to the event that I reviewed here!


Cornetto Pop Rock Season 2 Launch

Remember Desan da Raja “which did quite some rounds around social media and bagged google award for being one of highest seen videos of 2016? Desan was launched in the first season of Cornetto pop rock and keeping the legacy alive, Cornetto launches the second season this year. The star studded event happened on Saturday 4rth February at Studio 146 which I happened to attend with my bestie Nida. Cornetto has four singers on board for this season including Meesha Shafi, Momina Mustehsan, Ali Azmat, and Komal Rizvi. All these artists and more graced this event but for me the starrer was Meesha shafi who is always flawless and has a Diva like appeal to her persona.

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The amazing people at the Body Beat PR group sent us this cool invite and a retro pop jacket which we chose to wear to the event.  We religiously followed the “be punctual” clause on the invite and reached the venue at 7 p.m *yes, even before the organizing team*. By the time the event started i.e. 10 p.m, were were exhausted to death, but we still decided to meet a few artists, took as many selfies as possible, stuffed our mouths with refreshments, and returned early missing Ali Azmat’s live concert! *Darn*No matter what, we loved the ambience and the rockstar aura around us.

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My Virtual Assistant Business Website

Yes, that’s another highlight. I have been working as a social media and design virtual assistant for sometime so I thought of making it professional and reach out to more people developing a site. I use the wix site developer and it was the first time I designed a webpage. I have kept it simple and clean so go through my page and let me know what you think about it! Check it here.

I am sure you must have had a great weekend. You can share your most fun weekend moment in the comments below! Have a super dooper week ahead!

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