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They say I get hair cut as frequently as girls change clothes! Such an overstatement right? Surprisingly I was not really looking forward to it this time until I was invited to Aliya Farooque salon for a hair styling session. Initially I was planning to get only styling done, but after reading raving reviews about Aliya Farooq, I decided to give it a go. Here is my style reveal!

Salon: Aliya Farooq

Stylist: Nazia

The Service I Received: Layered haircut and Blow dry

My Experience

The service

Right as I entered the salon, I asked for a quick hair consultation because I was not really sure about the hair cut I’d go for. Alia farooq suggested I should opt for a style that adds volume to my hair and we agreed on getting me a full volume layered cut. She initially suggested I should have a hair color as well, but breaking up with my natural hair color is near to impossible for me (read obsession). Also I am not very conscious about hair length, so my stylist Nazia had the freedom to chop my hair exactly as they suited me-gladly she didn’t exploit this freedom unlike most of the horrid experiences I have had! She was super sweet, handled my hair with care, and asked throughout the process if I like the new look.

And this was the end result after styling. Yes, that is some gorgeous level hair. Let’s see the before and after look (commercial style).


The blow dry was perfectly neat and was not done just for the sake of it. Also this new haircut is easy to manage and style in numerous ways and I will share my short hair styling tips in the cooming week. This haircut becomes me I believe, what do you think?

The Ambience

The space was clean and organized but I didn’t find the ambiance too impressive. At the time when most of the new salons and spas are heading towards bright, aesthetically pleasant spaces and open layouts like this, I found Aliya Farooq salon to be quite dim and regular. So, the salon can improve a lot in this area.

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Customer Service

The staff was super friendly and quick to service. Right as I moved into my chair, they asked me for coffee or tea. Yes, it’s a popular customer service gesture but I don’t see a lot of salons doing that. Also, there was no forced selling and Nazia kept informing me about the products she used while conditioning, and blow drying. I specially appreciate these gestures because they allow the customers to make a decision for themselves instead of being bossed about a certain product or service.



You can get this hair cut done for PKR 3000 and the price varies according to the style and hair service you opt for. I believe their price is justified for the value you receive because hair services are specially tricky and not everyone can do them just as you expect. For something as challenging as managing hair, the price is worth your money.


Have a look at my hair transformation here!

My experience with Aliya Farooque has been quite contented and I am probably going there again for a few more services soon. If you have more questions about the hair service I received or generally about the salon, ask away in the comments section below.

See you with a very excited post next!

*This article is in affiliation with Aliya Farooq Salon

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2 thoughts on “New Hair Cut Reveal and Review-Aliya Farooq Salon

  1. afshan imran says:

    it is done amazingly. and i love the hair style 🙂 new cut suits you dear 🙂

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