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It feels good to update this section after quite a lot of time. Probably this is my favorite section on blog as I recap my weekly activities, and rethink how I could have improved a few things like my routine, monthly blog planning or things as simple as spending more time with Cheeku (my cat)! Yes, I contemplate a lot but not the kind where I would Haw haye or regret things, but the sort which allows me to personally grow!

Now after this shadeed serious talk, let’s get back to the week! Yuhooo!

Tried Gol Gappay from United King

Gol Gappay from United king

Though nothing beats the taste of thailay walay gol gappy, but the only bakery I had tried them just for convenience was from Continental Bakery and Snacks-loved them to bits! I recently came to know about United Kings Gol gappay and ordered them via FoodPanda. It’s a pack of 20 gol gappy for PKR 170 so I was quite happy with the quantity, but can’t say the same for the taste. The Saunth syrup was flavorless, chickpeas were replaced with chana daal, and gol gappay were smaller than what you get on the street or even at Continental bakery. The tangy-sweet tamarind chatni was the only thing I liked!

SWOT’s Raid to Boun Cibo

SWOT food team
SWOT food bloggers

It’s been a fun ride since I joined the SWOT team. We mostly have meetings on Sundays at Nezihe’s place (SWOT’S owner and a badass food critic), and this time the team decided to have lunch at Boun Cibo. We ordered Calamari, bar B Q corns, and nachos as starters and I ordered fettuccine Palvura pasta as the main course. The pasta was fresh and tasted like a standard Fettuccine that you may get at any other restaurant. Calamari was appetizing but the best thing was the fresh, chilled, orange juice!

Fresh orange juice at Bouncibo
Beef Steak at Bouncibo
Calamari at bouncibo
BBQ corns at bouncibo


The cafe is small, has a really cozy ambiance and the food tastes average. Yes, I am going there with my friends sometime again!

And this was my early Sunday morning look! Seems like no makeup, but a lot went into this face! *brutal honesty!*

My Sunday Morning Look to the SWOT meeting

TVOne Event-Launch of a new serial

I was invited to the launch event of TVOne’s “Pujaran”, an upcoming drama serial, the story of which centers around a character Madiha (Sarwar Gilani) who is after wealth and status.

The friends at TVOne PR sent this really chic wallet from Jafferjees with the invite. The best part was, it was personalized and I felt special for a moment *that I always do without any reason by the way*.

A chic invite by the PR team from TVOne for the launch of Pujaran

It was a small event attended by bloggers and press. Adnan Siddique, and Ejaz Aslam and the team shared their experience of working in this serial. You can watch the first teaser of the serial here.

Adnan Siddique sharing his experience of acting in Pujaran

That was my avatar for the event. I flaunted this tunic by Generation and a choker which I got from “Wrap and Grab” a few months ago!

Floral Tunic by Generation

Recycled an Awesome eye pencil

I don’t even remember when did I buy it and what exactly is this brand, but I still love the glossy gray color. It was buried deep in my makeup basket, so I dug it out today and dolled up right away! It’s a dual color pencil but I like wearing the gray shade more as it gives quite a glamorous look to the face with minimum makeup! The lipstick is by Oriflame in plum shade.

The glossy grey eye pencil and plum lips


So that was my life past week! I hope you had an equally awesome time! Have a happy weekend!


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