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March beauty favorites

There are a few beauty and skincare favorites that I want to share with you this month. Though, the weather is still a bit confusing-hot during the day and mildly cold at night-but I have almost gotten my summer beauty essentials ready! I will keep reviewing the summer beauty routine gradually, but for now, this post will walk you through five items that I are my absolute favorite for the month of March! Ready, go!

1. Vatika Black Seed Oil

Vatika Black seed hair oil
Vatika black seed hair oil is perfect for shiny, strong hair

I am back to hair oiling routine after almost a decade! I had totally crossed hair oiling off my hair care routine, but a stroll to the Vatika hair section tempted me to try a new hair oil! I try to pick hair products that do not add further to the already silky texture of my hair, so I have to give much thought to choosing something as simple as hair oil. Black seed is basically an essential oil which turns hair strong and thick-two things my hair really wanted. I have been using it for a month and I won’t say it magically solves all your hair problems, but it does stop hair fall, keep the hair texture frizz free and bouncy! I mostly leave it in the hair overnight and wash in the morning but you can also do a quick massage, leave the oil for 15 minutes and do shampoo. Also, the scent is lovely unlike the usual peculiar ones! So you can do the champi, go out, and woo everyone to this sweet scent *do it at your own risk*

2. Moisturizing Cream from Food for your face

Food for your face
A brand that offers organic skin care solutions

I especially like this brand for organic skincare products! They use some really amazing, hard to find organic ingredients which bring apparent change to skin. Also, their products are worth going high on for their beautifully tempting scents! I reviewed their Face pack sometime back which you can check here!

I recently ran out of my day moisturizer and switched to this organic peach cream by Food for your face. It’s just been two weeks since I have been using it, so I will review this cream in detail after at least a month! But, you can already guess why it is my March favorite! *wink*

3. Inglot Freedom Eye shadow

Inglot freedom eyeshadow
Turquoise shade of Inglot freedom pallet

I received this funky turquoise eye shadow by Inglot sometime back, but since I was religiously hooked to my old Mac eye shadow, it did not pay much attention to it. Now that I have run out of Mac, I use this eye shade more often than before. The turquoise really brings out eyes, and gives a happy, pop look; also it’s not very much pigmented so the shade is quite workable to wear causally as well. It’s the season of sporting funky eyes, so it’s going to be my favorite for a while!

4. “Reign” matte Lip color by Kylie

Kylie reign metallic matte lipcolor
A deep brown shade with metallic matte texture

It’s the very first time I tried Kylie’s lipstick. Reign is a deep brown metallic matte color which is super sticky and remains on lips forever. I don’t usually wear brown lipsticks, but this shade looks super dramatic for parties and events! Not that I chip lipstick off like a teenager, but the deep rooted shade is still convenient for longer wear. I will do a detailed review of Reign on blog soon!

Kylie Reign metallic matte
Swatch of Kylie Reign metallic lip matte

5. “Orgasm” by Nars

Nars orgasm blush
Nars orgasm-A light rose pink blush

As notorious as the name may sound, the blush is equally feminine, and graceful! This sheer powder blush has a natural rose shade and I think it gives a fresh highlight to the complexion, which makes it perfect for every skin tone. I am wearing it to events a lot nowadays! You can have the highlights on my instagram account here.

This was just a glimpse of my beauty favorits, but let me know if you want me to review them in details! Until next time!


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