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The season which began as gloomy and depressing for me is now turning quite acceptable mainly because I might be getting used to it-do I even have any other option? No matter what, December always feels pleasant and festive as we get to look forward to new goals and ambitions for the coming year; so this week for me went great as compared to a few previously!

The week began with my sister Aney’s wedding anniversary which we celebrated on dinner at Lasania restaurant. It was supposed to be a formal dinner but together we turned it into a cozy little leisure evening. Well, I have an amazingly cool family so we don’t leave any chance to cherish our time together!


If you follow me on instagram @Hashtaggedofficial, you must already know I have bought a new plum lip color by Oriflame. I don’t usually wear plums and browns but it’s a hardcore winter shade so I thought of giving it a go! Love this dark, gothic shade and I think it compliments my skin tone too. I will share the review soon!


If you are a 90s kid, you must have tried the Neem fruit Nimoli but I tasted this gooey, sweet, fruit Gondni for the first time. It’s actually an edible seed from a shrub Gondni which is really sticky, yet a delicious little treat. As per my dad, they would use it as paper glue in his childhood. How cool is that!! I am not sure how common is Gondni these days, but the availability of this fruit now shows winters are definitely here!


And finally I made a mug dessert “Apple crumble pie” which you can read here!


Hope you have also had a blessed week! Have even a happier weekend ahead! See you all on Monday!

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