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Avari Towers Karachi recently hosted a Valentine’s cheers bloggers’ dinner. The event was meant to laud their special Valentine’s offer which I am going to share here. But, before that, I am going to share the event details, so bear with me! Thank-rii 🙂

The dinner was organized at Avari’s very own Sky BBQ-the rooftop restaurant that offers traditional Pakistani BBQ buffet. The ambience of the restaurant is not so gaudy,  but the spectacular view of the city from your dining table and live melodious music of your choice sets the mood quite dreamy.


Rooftop view of the city from Sky BBQ


Live music as you savor the meal

The event began at 7 p.m, but I was a little late and reached the venue around 8ish! I chose to wear a semi formal kurti by Gul Ahmed, gold and black heels, and casually left my hair untied. I did my lips in a nude shade to complement the attire.


Almost all the bloggers had already come and remained engulfed into casual chit chat until the dinner was served *yes that was the only hour silence prevailed*! The food was definitely scrumptious,  I had crispy prawns, koela chicken, seekh kebab, biryani, and salad! Geeez, I am famished! Since I was already stuffed with the savories, I had a modest portion of chocolate brownies and vanilla pudding.  In short, the food was totally pleasing to my taste buds.


For me the main attraction of the event was this ethnic vegetable loaded truck. You get  a straight punch of tradition and culture merely by looking at it. Who won’t want to have vegetables if they are so colorfully set, right?

Star of the event truck!

Now get to the main point, *drum rolls please*! As valentine’s day is around the corner, you can enjoy an intimate dinner with your partner under the dim light at Asia live or relish a beautiful view at their pool side with a cozy atmosphere. The deets of this special offer are here:


Summing it up, I found the bloggers dinner to be quite suave, but the dreamy ambience of Sky BBQ and some delectable food made the evening delightful!





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