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I am one of those lucky people who have the pleasure of eating as much junk food as possible without any fear of getting fat. Even if I survive on potatoes, rice, and mini baskets of hashbrowns for six months, I won’t gain a single pound ! You don’t need to be envious because I am sort of sick of my short meal routine, firstly, because I feel I am always hungry and always chewing on one thing or another, and secondly because I want to gain some weight. I know you do not hear it coming from a girl, but I really do! So, to discourage my short meals habit to some extent, I am trying to substitute my daily random snacking habit with these Fitlicious raisins by Necosnaturals‬.

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The one I got is stashed with oats, cranberries, orange zest, sunflower seeds, almonds, and other wholesome nuts. I specially love the sweet, and tangy punch of lemon zest. You can have them with either milk as a cereal, or with fresh fruits and yogurt. Raisins do look quite palatable with their aged appearance, but they definitely are a great alternative to sugar rich items (not that I am a diet police, I am just being more conscious these days *angel’s grin*)

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