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Once upon a time, *just a few months ago*, Man bun was “the thing”! A single glance at the fashion magazines, blogs, and social media, and all we could see was the tales of how hot, and irresistible Man bun look! Well, times have changed, and women took back what has been rightfully theirs, (no, I am not a feminist), yes, tying their hair in a half bun! Not only this, they are sporting the updo in an equally flirty and alluring manner! Recently, a number of Hollywood celebrities spotted in this updo made this look even more popular among the early fashion adopters. Although this trend has not yet surfaced in Pakistan but we hope it does soon! At Least I have started wearing this updo. So here, I am sharing some amazing half bun styles you can opt for. And you do not really have to do much, because literally this is something you always loved to wear as a child-remember half pony tails?

Part hangover-part Bun

kate 2
Kate Mara. PC Getty Images

A gently Tousled Bun

Hilary Duff and Jennifer Lopez

Crops rocking a hangover

Who said crops cant rock a hair bun? Miley is rocking actually two here! Oh Miley!

A sleek Bun

maggie 2
Margot Robbie

The Curly Bun

The Hashtagged Bun! :p

12499216_10153145441980807_86670767_o (1)

So I pray this trend never goes out of style because I love it! Now I am off to pinteresting a few more amazing hot buns! Will share if I come across something extraordinary, meanwhile happy hashtagging and do try this updo!


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3 thoughts on “Trend Alert-Women taking back the Man bun!

  1. goterloves says:

    Man Bun is so chic! Loving this trend a lot <3

    1. Hina Ilyas says:

      I know right? I have been doing only this updo these days! I am sort of obsessed!

      1. goterloves says:

        Oh! You are totally rocking them dear

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