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I have been trying to practice meditation home, but my overwhelming work schedule doesn’t allow it! Besides, I am not quite accustomed of how and what of meditation so I would always dump this thought at the far corner of my brain, until I found this app “Calm”. It lets me pleasantly steal a few moments of serenity out of my sedentary routine. So, let me tell you all about it, you can thank me in the comments section later.

Calm is a mindfulness app which features short meditation exercises. Once you sign up to this app, you can continue with meditation exercises which start with a beginners “7 days of calm” session extending on to other options like 7 days of sleep, happiness, gratitude and so on. Once you select a session, a soothing voice instructs and guides your posture and breathing throughout the exercise. The length of practice each day is upto you which can be altered from “Meditation timer”.

A range of mindfulness sessions-Hashtagged
Schedule your sessions. Well I missed a few of mine as you can see here!

The best thing I found about this app is the availability of a number of background sceneries and sounds which you can choose while meditating. I specifically prefer the appeasing sound of fireplace, mountain lake, rain on leaves and sunset beach.

Summer Meadow-Hashtagged
Sunset Beach-Hashtagged
Rain on Leaves-Hashtagged
Mountain Lake-Hashtagged

Despite the above, this app falls short of a few things, like sometimes, the instructions are vague and redundant to the point that we stop focusing on the posture and get engaged into an impromptu discussion.

In a nutshell, Calm is of course not ideal for learning steadfast meditation, but it does prove to be a gulp of fresh air between your desk bound routine. So if you do not have much time to relax, prop yourself up before the monitor or your smartphone and float away to “Calm”for a while!

If you know any other mindful app better than this one, please do share! Happy meditating!





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