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I happened to attend the launch event of Jharoka Regent Plaza high tea yesterday. Jharoka is a fine dine suitable for friends and families to meet informally. The restaurant offers an eclectic menu combining continental and Pakistani delicacies. It is only now that the restaurant introduced this high tea service to the foodies starting from Rs 699 plus tax.


The launch event began at 4 p.m.  Musarrat Misbah from Depilex joined the event given her collaboration with Regent Plaza as the restaurant will be donating Rs 25 per high tea to support acid burned victims.


The restaurant is decorated on a modern note combining traditional elements of embellishment.

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A variety of assorted high tea items were set which looked scrumptious so I head on to taste some snacks first.

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I tried some chow mein, chicken pakora, onions rings, and samosas. All of it was cold to my surprise, and tasted okayish! The quite formal ambience (too sophisticated for my taste) and cold food made me lose appetite, so I preferred taking only pictures of the rest of the menu.

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Next, to satisfy my craving for tea, I moved on to this cool, traditional tea stall. It was something I loved most about the place, plus the tea was quite refreshing and exactly up to my taste i.e a rich, strong doodh patti!


Moving on, I found the dessert section quite plain and monotonous. There were mostly cake varieties done in different dressings whic I did find much impressive. But yes, chocolate mousse was delicious.

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My overall rating of this place is average probably because I am not a formal dining fan, and the aura was shouting “fine dining” out loud, secondly, some good scrumptious food might have brushed the first reason aside, which it didn’t, so I was a bit disappointed!

But yes, this place is obviously ideal for families to hang out, have some serene, peaceful time together


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