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I am officially cat obsessed! When I am not working, hashtagging, lazying around, or staring blankly at the walls, you would find me browsing cute cat videos, and pictures! While doing the very same just now, I came across these cool fashion divas disguised as cats and they don’t even give a damn about it! Could you need any other fashion inspiration than this? I don’t think so!
Warning: Some serious fashion inspiration ahead! Look at your own risk!
 The bad boy fashionista
The indifferent Fashion DON!
The “Too fashionable to care” Bella
The nautical swagger
The Purr-fect Chick
The dressy pants!
 The Victorian Vanity
The “I am so cool, rest are fool” dude
The new age “DARCY”
The “babe, I got style”chap!
united-bambooThe fashion struck Tom!
 Note: All those above are the only, I repeat the only REAL dudes and chicks ruling the fashion industry, so get your facts right people! Happy cats-piring!
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