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If you love gut churning, sickening, violent fiction, and psychopaths/lunatics appear as super heroes in your darkest fantasies, these shows are your “Kingdom come”.  And if you don’t, this post is poisonous for you. Leave this space right away!

Whether you’re a TV serials junkie, or simply like watching it during your leisure time, there are a few shows that will make your stomach turn! Their plots are extremely gory to disgust you yet addictive enough to let you demand more of all the messy, out of the box plot twists. Game of Thrones might be the King of gross, *bloodshed, torture, incest, boobs and more boobs* but here are five other shows that you simply can’t afford to miss.

American Horror Story

There’s no limit to nauseating scenes when it comes to Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. Directors of the show have not missed a chance to add obscene and bizarre spectacles in the show. With its sixth season about to air, the show’s most memorable scene (in an odd sense, of course) was Chloe Sevigny (Shelly) crawling out of a basement in order to escape from the mutation experiments being conducted by an insane scientist. That amputated, bloodied, and nasty sight is something we can never forget!


The Walking Dead

Tons of appalling violence is what the show is all about. This zombie apocalypse is one of the most violent and uncomfortable shows we’ve ever watched. With all the gory and violent scenes, there’s nothing more that you can say, except, Kudos to special effects department!



This Bryan Fuller’s show is brimming with artful crime scenes. But, is the art justified by the  sickly scenes like those where a man cuts off his own nose and eat it like chicken hot shots? Of course it is, because by every episode, the plots thickens and introduces some obnoxious facts which are not far from reality after all. Take caution as you are most likely to peep inside the mind of this psychopath Hannibal and end up developing a soft corner in your heart for him! *lord forgive me for I have done that, Amen*


The Knick

The Knick is one of the gruesome shows which revolves around a surgeon who keeps pushing painful medicinal boundaries! He doesn’t even refrain from feeling around an unconscious woman’s stomach for an unborn baby during an operation. Well, you will get to see a lot more than this on Knick!


The Strain

This vampire drama is all about blood, and spine chilling violence. Guillermo del Toro, the director of the show is proud to include some really gruesome scenes in the show such as a lot of decapitations. One of the most horrific scenes from this show was a vampire worm burying into a lady’s eyeball – disgusting? Hell yeah!

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This is the list of some of the gross and gory shows that I’ve watched and thoroughly enjoyed! *No I am not a sadist*

Am I missing anything? Let me know!

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