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Friday is here!!! Life was never better *Dancing like a lunatic*

I have planned to do a “Feel Good Friday” post every week which will cover all the things helping you unwind the week and set off to a fun filled weekend.

Sometime back on my Facebook page, I shared my interest in using a health and fitness application for basic exercises I can do at home. My work routine, and sometimes my lazy soul discourages me to go all the way to a gym and workout every single day. So I downloaded this personalized workout app “SWORKIT”. I had been hearing alot about it and wanted to see what’s the hoopla all about. Here is the first “Feel good friday” post in which I am talking about”SWORKIT” after having used it for a month.

Lets begin!

There are different versions of SWorkit varying from light to professional workout routines. I opted for the basic, personalized one. After signing up to the app via your facebook or gmail account, you can start the session right away.


Four main workout options are available. Choose one that best fits your exercise requirement. I specially like the customization feature which allows you to set personal exercise goals instead of following a particular routine.


As I had been feeling strain in my neck and stiff muscles for sometime, I planned to try Yoga first. All the workout options feature various workout types arranged according to your expertise level. If you are regular in exercising and already have a hang on basic yoga positions, you can simply choose the expert option like Yoga full sequence and Pilates. For me, Yoga Sun Salutation was feasible to begin with before I move on to next levels.

13319004_10153431181460807_1165452997_nOnce you have chosen the exercise option, the application asks you to set your preferred workout time. Don’t fix it on 30 minutes on the first session; starting with 10 to 15 minutes is ideal. First see how it works for you and extend the clock later.


A virtual trainer guides you throughout the session by showing how to perform every pose. Dont mess with him! He seems like a cool dude!

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The session will continue according to the set time and you can repeat the same session the next day or choose another routine. That’s how much simple it is!

Yay or nay?

Now that you know how this app works, lets talk about if it’s actually beneficial.


The application is free so you don’t have to spend a lot on the gym for the same workout routine. In short, it eliminates the “no money”excuse. But if you are really conscious about having your personal one on one fitness trainer, the app won’t please you much.


SWORKIT fits into any schedule and enables convenience. The main excuse we often make is not having enough time for regular workouts. Sorry to say, but this excuse is completely busted. Just open the app and begin the session without much thought.

User Friendliness

you don’t have to be a technology savvy to use this app. The directions are quite clear with a simple user interface.

Who is it best for?

Anyone seeking low impact to daily full body exercise. Whether you are looking for short regular warm ups, or want to get in shape, you can choose SWORKIT. It is also a great option to complement your current workout regimen or cardio workouts.


Can’t think of any. Really! As I already mentioned, I had been experiencing neck and shoulder stiffness which is now relieved, thanks to the Yoga poses I am following on SWORKIT. For minor issues like these you can definitely rely on such apps but see a professional trainer if you want to follow a specific workout regimen.

My verdict?

Don’t excuse as you can spare time for exercise at your own terms. I had been slacking in this area for sometime and the app is really making me steal a few minutes for personal fitness now! Stay happy and fit!

Have a great Weekend ahead!












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