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Despite minimal attention given to the literary scene in Pakistan, our authors never despair and they keep coming up with appreciable piece of writings.

Umair Naeem, a Karachi based author known for his book “Drowning Shadows: A Novel“released his second book ‘The Runaway’ published by Tara-India Research Press. The book launch event took place at Liberty Books Karachi.

Yusra Askari and Umair Naeem

The Runaway is a drama novel set in Pakistan and a narrative of four individuals from different walks of life who are brought together in their search for hope and redemption in the midst of a whirlpool of hate.

The main characters of the book are Sarmad, a man driven by vengeance, Kashan, a self proclaimed intellectual Karachiite, Nilofer a fiercely independent single mother determined to fight for her child and Falak Sher, a criminal on the lookout for opportunities to profit. The lives of these four individuals crisscross in The Runaway; as Sarmad hunts for what he hopes will be the catharsis to his past, Kashan wonders if he can ever fall in love again, Nilofer tries to convince herself that she is as strong as she lets on for the world and Falak finds ways to summon power and control his destiny.


Umair Naeem shares his views about the book saying, “The Runaway is a story of how lives change. Highlighting the dichotomy in Pakistan, the novel explores overlapping parallels between the hopes and dreams of the urban elite and the rural middle class. It’s a story of how tragedies can become turning points to define the future, and how the faithful and the faithless can find or lose their ways because of the past.”


You can grab your copy of “The Runaway” at all leading book stores in Pakistan as well as on Amazon.

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