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If you think red lips are meant for valentine’s day only, you are totally mistaken! Regardless of the skin tone, a charming red lipstick is every girl’s bff. There is this general perception that red lip shades are meant for fair complexion only (we blame the society’s crumpled beauty standards for this), but, hellooo, you will be surprised to know how beautifully a suitable shade of red can bring out different skin tones.

I am fixated to red lipsticks! Either it’s a casual hangout or a wedding function, I often shamelessly wear a red pout! (a few of my friends find it irritating, but they love me anyway *cat eyes*). It took me ages to find the perfect red shade which brings out the best of my charming dusky complexion! Phew, it was all trial and error, but I have tried to make the job easier for you by creating this simple guide to choosing the right red shade. You can thank me later, first have a look here:






Hope you have a fair idea now which shade of red becomes you the most! Never give up on Red because you are “The lady”!!

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