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I love festivals and exhibitions, specially the ones involving food, lots of food, and the ones a little less crowded! Well, I know festivals are supposed to be crowded but I do not really enjoy the ones where I see only heads and nothing else! This is the reason I chose to visit Karachi Eat Festival on the very first day.

KarachiEat Selfie Booth

Karachi Eat 2016 has been one of the most anticipated food festivals for a few months which started today and ends on Sunday 24th January. Me and my bestie, Nida, planned to visit the first day of it. I chose to wear a purple check shirt and paired it with sky blue denim. I paired a plain black shawl with the top as the weather turned a little chill.

Me at KarachiEat
Me and Nida

Karachites are real foodies and whenever there is any food festival in the town, the first thing you can anticipate is jam packed roads around the venue! So yes, since we were expecting this, we headed out a little earlier and reached the venue-Frere Hall-at around 7. Frere hall is one of the remnants buildings of the British colonial era which still stands eminently in Karachi.

Frere Hall Karachi

We had planned to try some traditional snacks, so after getting our entrance ticket (Rs 250) we headed for Rajjo Ice Cream stall. We ordered gol gappay and mixed chaat- Rs 100 each. Chaat was rather tastier than Gol gappay but not as better as the one available at Guru Mandir, so I stand firm on the ground that no one else can make chaat and gol gappay as mouthwatering as “Delhi Chaat House” in Guru Mandir Karachi.

Chaat and Gol gappay at Rajoo Ice Cream

Next we had macarons from Lal’s. I opted for plain Pistachio and Nida chose her favorite Nutella Hazelnut. It tasted heavenly like every other dessert by Lal’s.

Lal’s Stall
Heavenly Macarons

There were countless scrumptious food stalls artfully set but I loved National Food and Magnum’s stalls best. They had done theirs in some cool trinkets, balloons, and lights and arranged comfy sitting area too.

National Food Stall
National Food stall
Magnum stall
Magnum stall

Even though I only had snacks and Macaron, I already felt quite satiated, *blame my little meal portions habit for that* so I decided to roam around and snap some pictures, meanwhile Nida sipped some hot kashmiri tea. Hot traditional seekh kabab, and tikka was on the roll, fresh crispy samosas were being served, the aroma of Biryani made us go dreamy. In short, people were chit chatting, hanging around, and trying appetizing local and non traditional food.

Our very own Sweet Coconut Betel Leaves. It is one of the common and famous after meal snack of Pakistan.
A dhaba!
Tikka kabab fresh off the Barbecue stand! *mouthwatering*
Crispy scrumptious Samosa and pakora

12591905_10153174311600807_2013098960_o 12630887_10153174311410807_579731554_o

Overall, it has been a well organized, festive, and mouthwatering event! I am planing to go with my family again tomorrow, of course to try the remaining food! *ambitious*

Can you “C” me?

Happy Food-ying!





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