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My idea of killing time is either to play with “Cheeku” (my cat), watching movie, or listening to music. Just a while back I was listening to a few tracks which made me realize I have been listening to them for like probably 50th time! The same four to five tracks throughout the whole week. But, no surprise right? Because sometimes a few soundtracks become a new love affair, they sound quite addictive *wink*! Anyway, so I am sharing some of the tracks which I am totally swaying to this week! They might be your favurite too! Check here!

Jaise Milay Ajnabee By Zeb and Hania

I recently came across this track and wondering how being Zeb;s fan, did I miss this one! This song was featured in a Bollywood movie “Madras Cafe”. The notes are absolutely pleasant and Zeb’s voice is magically soothing!

“The Feeling” by Justin Bieber!

Though I am not Bieber’s fan, neither have I tried listening to him before, but after a friend shared this track, I cannt stop myself from replaying this one!

Colours by GroupLove

Though not new, but I have been stuck with this soundtrack, so it sort of keeps playing all the time!

Out of the Woods by Taylor Swift

Oh man, what do I say about Tay! I have been following her for a decade and I just love her music! This is my new favourite by her!

The Spectrum by Florence + Machine

I had been sick of lisreig to it sometimeback, so took a break, but recenrly came across it in my old playlist. Guess what, I still love, and playing it this week!

Of Course there are a few more tracks, but these were the highlights and the top ones from my playlist this week! You are always welcome to share some good music!

Let’s call it a day!





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