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The Balm swiss dot instain long wearing staining powder blush is a new addition to my vanity bag after having remained obsessed with Mac peach blush. I don’t change blushes and eyeshadows too often and once I like something, I prefer to keep using the same shade for at least a decade. but I bought swiss dot recently on a friend’s recommendation.

I don’t splurge money on high-end beauty products unless I have done my research especially when the beauty brands have limited options available for brown skin–something I have always had a jar about with the beauty industry. But buying swiss dot was an almost no brainer and on the first swatch, I loved how it complimented my skin.

The Packaging





I absolutely love the packaging and honestly, it was one of the factors that made me buy this (brand team, you got me). The Balm swiss dot comes in a creamy red and white notebook styled palette. It opens like a book and has a magnetic closure to shut it back. The cute mirror at the other side makes it quite a fashionable and handy item., but there is no applicator inside which is a turn off for me as I always prefer to have an applicator with the blush to save the trouble of carrying both individually around. 



The Product




The Balm swiss dot looks like a coral shade but its actually peachy with a matte finish perfect for medium and dark skin tones. It has a smooth powdery texture with no shimmer which leaves a pretty stain on your cheek even with the slightest application, i.e it’s super pigmented! Try not to go overboard with the application to avoid a clown-like appearance like I ended up doing out of excitement!

Does it Stay Longer?

YES! I am in fact amazed by its staying power of The Balm swiss dot as I often apply it in the morning and it stays the same throughout the day without any need of retouch. So I’d say it remains intact for good 8 to10 hours and then gradually starts getting patchy, so it lives up to its claim of the longest wear blush.




Here is the swatch of The Balm swiss dot. I am wearing it over a cream foundation before which I prepared my face with a setting powder to help blend this shade better.


I got this from Vicky’s store Karachi for Rs. 3000. It’s definitely worth the price provided such great pigmentation and lasting power.


Yays Nays
  • Lovely and handy packaging.
  • Intense color and high pigmentation
  • A smooth powdery texture which doesn’t get patchy so soon.
  • Pure matte finish which is good for anyone not looking for shimmery blushes.
  • No applicator brush is available with the product.
  • Blending will be difficult if an excess product is applied


I am happy with my purchase and I especially recommend it for medium or dark skin tones since it has a beautiful peachy shade. I can’t say I will buy this again because apparently, it looks like it will last me a lifetime! But I am going to try another shade from the line of The Balm Instain Long-Wearing Staining Powder Blush. 

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The Balm Swiss Dot Instain Long Wearing Staining Powder Blush Rating
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  • Texture and Pigmentation
  • Shade
  • Staying Power
  • Price

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