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It’s amazing how an outfit plays a role in lifting up your spirits and feel as new as dawn! Looking put together on spine breaking busy days is sometimes a remedy that gets me through the week. For such occasions, a comfortable chic outfit does wonders and get me by my routine. Clothes for me are the expression of personality and I am fond of comfortable, effortless outfits. The outfit of the day (OOTD) today features one of those easy to wear tops I thoroughly enjoy wearing!

On a shopping haul recently, while I was looking for some semi-formal clothes for a work dinner, I stumbled into this top at Splash Pakistan. Its a comfy, funky and dramatic sweatshirt which can be perfectly donned as a casual cosy top especially in these chilly romantic afternoons. I have paired it with black tights to keep the look monotonous but also often style it with cropped jeans or caprice. The bright funky typography in the middle of the top and mismatched sleeves made me pick this otherwise ordinary top. The left sleeve is flared and adds an oomph factor to the outfit!

I think I bought it for Rs. 2000 or Rs. 2500 *thinking hard*! I know I am terrible at remembering the prices!

At French Beach PC: @zainabcrazynasir (instagram)
At French Beach PC: @zainabcrazynasir (instagram)


At French Beach PC: @zainabcrazynasir (instagram)
At French Beach PC: @zainabcrazynasir (instagram)



At French Beach PC: @zainabcrazynasir (instagram)

All we need sometimes is a cool top and a warm smile to get things going! Have an amazing week ahead!

Until next time!

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