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I got familiar with the real craft scene in Pakistan about three years back when I met Varah Musavvir of Firefly in 2015 through a fashion workshop. Before that, the craft industry was only confined for me to just a handful of folk exhibitions that happen once in two years or those individuals who would do art as a hobby. I am so glad the Crafter’s Guild had me meet and collaborate with some of the amazing crafters since 2015 and I have seen this industry grow and go to places all around the world! Every year right as the date of Crafter’s expo is announced, I secretly start stalking the participating brands and make a wish list of the accessories and sometime back I even did a series on the best craft brands in Pakistan inspired by the crafter’s expo.

Those who are not familiar, The Crafter’s Expo is an annual crafts exhibition that takes place in Karachi with the aim to bring arts and craft enthusiasts and the crafters of the country together at one platform. The platform works to facilitate all those small-scale businesses and freelance crafters who make handmade products and are ready to showcase their craft in front of art lovers!

While supporting the craft industry and promoting our local products should be a reason enough to visit the Crafter’s Expo, but if you are still unsure, here are 7 reasons to help you decide!

1. Unique Products


PC: The Crafter’s Guild

The Crafter’s Expo lets you shift from your usual commercial choices and give you a chance to witness unique products. For instance, I was not aware of the variety of organic artisan skin care products available in Pakistan until I visited the Crafter’s expo sometime back and since then I am a loyal customer of a few artisan brands. You might end up finding exciting new products which otherwise you can’t find anywhere else.

2. Young and Motivated Entrepreneurs

PC: The Crafter’s Guild

Another defining point of the Crafter’s Expo is the energy that whirls at the venue during the event day. The reason behind this characteristic environment charged with motivation is the presence of young and motivated participants. Also, the event especially encourages female entrepreneurs and you will witness many of them hustling and bustling with an air of purpose and determination. A sight worth beholding!

3. Variety and Diversity

PC: The Crafter’s Guild

On one stall you will see a homemaker selling exquisite products they make whenever they have some idle hours, and on the other, there will be another vendor who’d a passionate student of design. The only selling point here is passion regardless of their occupation.

Also, the Expo supports and gives a chance to people with disabilities as well as rural artisans. The idea is that everyone has a unique story to share and that is how individuals connect in a community.

4. Plenty of handmade Gift options for your loved ones!

Handmade gifts are the best especially if you are on a budget and also because the recipient can’t help but value the sweat, time and hot glue burns that go into creating a particular art piece! So, it’s a good opportunity for you to get your hands on a series of handmade gift items under a single roof. I would suggest you to especially have a look at color happy stationary, paper craft, jewelry, and natural skincare products because our crafters are doing extra amazing in all these categories, hence your loved ones will instantly get fond of these presents.

5. A Shopping Paradise

PC: The Crafter’s Guild

The Crafter’s Expo is a paradise for all those who harbor a great love for shopping and all things related. Driven people belonging to all walks of life, come to showcase their craft and you get a chance to see these items on display! How exciting is that!

6. Scrumptious Snacks!

PC: The Crafter’s Guild

From garma garam biryani to delectable khousuey and heartwarming artisan chocolates, you will get to taste the delicious hygienic snacks from home-based sellers.

A friendly tip! Shop, take a snacks break, shop again, take a snack break, repeat!

 7. Light on Wallet

PC: The Crafter’s Guild

This is the happiest deal with the Crafter’s Expo. First, there is no entry fee, bring all your friends! Second, the prices are happy and products unique, so you won’t feel ripped at the end of the day!

The Crafter’s Expo bags a lot of love and gives us serious inspiration in return, thanks to the amazing work exhibited there by our extremely talented crafters. This year the Crafter Expo 2018 is taking place at The Royal Rodale on December 2, from 1: p.m. to 8 p.m.

Start saving and get ready to splurge money on these charming products!

Happiness is handmade!

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