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Its been a while since I did an outfit of the day post and I am super excited to post this one.  I have been investing in minimalistic fashion for a while, the type where I can easily recycle clothes keeping up with the ongoing trends at the same time. One of my goals here is to shake up my wardrobe with basic classic colors, and patterns so I can effortlessly style them formally and casually. This OOTD is one of the looks featuring the items I shamelessly keep recycling into different looks!

Nothing fancy is going on here except for the cool venue we did the shoot at perhaps! Let’s break the look down!

The Look!

The Top

I recently bought this plain baggy shirt from Generations clothing! The rich color and light fabric were most appealing to me as I am fond of plain classy kurtis. I had a few reservations about the baggy style as I have a petite body frame, but it turned out absolutely fine as its a poncho cut. Sleeves are a dramatic and tiny miny effort to carry right, otherwise its a really comfortable summer attire.


Two Hundred Years Old Dupatta

This shocking pink dupatta is probably older than the age of me and my followers combined! I don’t even remember when and from where did I get it but I have been recycling it with almost every dress! I paired it with this shirt to add a pop of happy contrasting color and harmony to the look! Any other funky bright accessory would similarly serve the purpose I suppose!


Cropped Patched Denim

If you ask me to select one of the clothing items I am head over heels in love wit, I’d thoughtlessly pick this pair of cool comfortable denim. I bought these from Mango clothing sometime back and the coolest thing about denim is you can flaunt them with almost everything from long shirts, kurtis, tops, dress shirts; you name it! This one is super comfortable, has a perfect fit, and a quirky patch on one side making it a contemporary item in my closet. Since I wanted to wear a casual comfortable look for the day, I paired denim instead of pants or trousers for that perfect minimalistic fashion look.



I keep bragging about this sandal all the time on my social handles and probably this is the only pair I wear to every single place these days–both parties or workplace! You can read about it here!

Invest in a good plain shirt, and try shaking up your look for every occasion. The reason I love plain pieces is that they give a great room to experiment with styling. Pair some vintage or contemporary jewelry, some dramatic western or desi pants, or wear loud makeup, you get the look just fine in the end.

A Little About the Shoot Location!

If you are wondering where exactly am I posing? Its such a cool place yar! Of course it is!

Its a whole series of wall murals designed around Urdu letters. A specific wall is dedicated to each letter along with the artwork inspired by an area in Karachi which the letter denotes.  You will find these amusing murals right in front of Saint Patrick’s church in Saddar. DON’T MISS THIS SPOT!


The other spot here is a residential building in the compound called block Supariwala Block opposite the CIA center in Saddar. This place was famously known as Prem Gali as students (*read lovebirds) from Saint Patrick’s and Saint Joseph college would hang around here. Not sure if they still do, but I am certain the serenity and calm must have pulled them towards this place for those pyar bhari batain (reminder to self: Its a family blog). Anyhoo, I instantly fell in love with such a rich, spellbinding architecture and the lone tree that stands tall at the center of the block!



I will do another OOTD soon recycling some of the items I have flaunted here. Hopefully, in my own small way, I would be able to break the embarrassment tied with re-purposing clothes and looking absolutely on point donning minimalistic fashion!

Until next time!

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  1. Jadirah Sarmad says:

    Love this idea and your editing! 😍

    1. Hina Ilyas says:

      Thanks Love!:) xoxoxo!

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