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You need to delve into these shows without a second thought. You are welcome!

1. The Umbrella Academy

Now this black comedy sci-fic series is giving some competition to marvel. Its an apocalypse drama featuring 7 superheroes adopted by a billionaire. They eventually end up trying to stop the apocalypse by doing….some stuff (won’t spoil it for you). Its based on the collection of comics and graphic novels by Gerard Way. If you are fond of time travel fiction, this one is exactly for you.

2. Russian Doll

It sounded like another spy drama but to my surprise the story line is based on time lapse experienced by a young woman Nadia. She gets stuck in the loop of time and continues living the same events only to die at the end of the day and start from the beginning. The dark twisted humor and acting of Natasha Lyonne (orange is the new black girl) is terrific!! You will absolutely enjoy it!

3. Conversation with a Serial Killer-Ted Bundy Tapes

This crime docuseries might be a little disturbing for a few but it gives bold insights into the case of America’s infamous serial killer Ted Bundy. The format of this series is very easy to consume but at certain points you won’t be able to decide whether to feel rage or fascination about hearing the accounts of a serial killer in his own words. A solid pick for crime series fans.

4. Alias Grace

Too bad this show didn’t receive the rightful appreciation. It’s based on Margaret Atwood’s novel and the plot is adapted from a real Canadian murder case in 1843. The story is about a 16 year old Irish girl Grace who is accused of murder. I am fond of series based on women’s lives in the 19th century but I won’t compare it with the usual Jane Austen sort of stories because it captures the nuances of Grace’ gender in addition to her socio-economic conditions. No, no, it is not that complicated! You will remain involved throughout the show.

What are you watching these days? Enlighten me please!

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2 thoughts on “Best Netflix Shows for March 2019

  1. I have start watching Mirzapur on Netflix. its violent serial but amazing dialogue and real actors.

    1. Hina Ilyas says:

      I see, I will check that on Netflix! Thanks for your suggestion! 🙂

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