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There are a few fashion trends which live on forever, one of those is the classy, oh so cool, yet fancy polka dots! I recently bought a polka dot shirt and was thinking about the different ways in which I can pull it off (Yes, there is no harm in day dreaming fashion casually). I have rounded up a few styles you can opt for and carry polka dots in the most chic way possible!

Polka Blouse with the ever green Jeans

This is the most convenient, easy to carry dress code especially in summers. Polka dots look specially modish with a pair of sleek denim pants.

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Skirts are quite flattering these days, so grab a pretty polka blouse and pair it with either plain or printed skirt of your choice. You can wear this look to a party as well!

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Polka Kurti and tights

Polka dots look equally elegant with a pinch of desi touch. You can get a plain kurti and pair it with either tights or pants! I personally like polka chiffon  kurtis.

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T shirt and polka dots tights

It comes under a rather informal attire. You can either wear it to your campus, workplace or on a casual hangout with friends.

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So what is your own way of carrying polka dots? Share your style, we might learn something new!

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