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Given our hectic schedules, we are bound to feel stress, anxiety and depression. There is no running from it. Over the time we seek various medical and therapeutic ways to ease our stress, anxiety and depression. Surprisingly, recent scientific studies have shown that caring for pets can help bringing about healthy lifestyle changes. Here is a list of ways in which pets can be our saviours in easing stress, anxiety and depression:


Friendship, whether with a human or animal, helps preventing depression and buy you a few more years of life. Taking care of animals makes you feel loved and diverts attention from everyday stress. This goes specially true to people who live alone. You must have seen people talking as casually to their pets as they would to a human because it sure is nice to come home and find your furry friend waiting for you. The sweets filled cuddling, and even purring acts as an instant antidepressants for you.

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Taking a dog out for a walk or playing with your cat can both be fun and healthy. These play times can be adapted as an exercise in your busy schedule. Various researches have shown that pet owners, especially people who own cats or dogs, are far more likely to achieve their daily workout targets. Various researches have linked pet ownership to weight loss as well. A study by Harvard health found that dogs provide support during workout similar to a human exercise buddy. However, dogs are more consistent and have positive influence on the owner. Another study showed that people who own dogs are likely to walk 30 minutes more during a week compared to those who do not keep pet companion. Apart from the workout, these play times can develop deeper connection between you and the pet. So ditch your BFFs for a while and hangout to exercise with your pet.

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Meeting New People

Pets can enhance social life of their owners. Whether at the vet clinic or in a park, pets seem to be the reason for an instant conversation between strangers. Pet owners frequently stop and talk to each other. Who won’t stop looking at an adorable soul and ask you all about them?

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Reducing Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Pet companionship can provide comfort  and help easing anxiety, stress and depression. It also helps building self-assurance among people suffering from PTSD. Pets make way for a sensory stress relief as stroking or petting them keeps blood pressure stable. Research tells that purring of cats can be soothing for human body in numerous ways. The purring sound of cats may range between the frequencies of 20-140 Hz. This frequency range has been scientifically confirmed as medically therapeutic. Research has also found that cat owners are 40% less likely to have a heart attack than those without feline pets. So never underestimate their purring power which can bring your spirit and mood up within seconds.

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Forming Daily Routine

With pets comes responsibility. They require regular feeding, exercises and play time. This requires you to form a stable routine to keep the pets happy and healthy. No matter how weary and down you feel, a loving and playful glance from your pet can get you going!

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Tell us how your pet has brought a healthy lifestyle change in your life? xoxoxo

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